One Piece Manga Chapter 905 Speculation/Spoilers

Summary of One Piece manga chapter 904

One Piece Chapter 905 Speculations - Commanders RA
Manga chapter 904 is named “The Entrance of the Revolutionary Army Commanders”.


After falling their base of plans at Baltigo, the Revolutionary Army fixed up their current base at the Kamabakka Kingdom. Emporio Ivankov talked about the Mugiwaras’ achievements in Totto Land & Dragon intends to declare war upon the World Nobles at the forthcoming Reverie.
One Piece Chapter 905 Speculations - Reverie

Subsequently, four revolutionary commanders arrive at the Lulusia Kingdom to serve its citizens confront and beat the Pinkbeard Pirates.

One Piece 905 Spoilers/Speculation
One Piece Chapter 905 Speculations- Revolutionary Army


Revolutionaries new base is the Kamabakka Kingdom presently. Monkey D. Dragon also stated the battle on the world nobles. We further got to observe the commanders of the RA. Besides, we saw a new part of the BB Pirates in Pinkbeard. The commanders of the Revolutionary Army put on a pleasant show while they were battling the Pinkbeard pirates. We too have the evidence now that the Germa 66 isn’t connected with WG anymore.
One Piece Chapter 905 Speculations - Monkey D. Dragon

So, now going on to the speculations for 905. In the manga chapter, We might see Monkey D. Dragon eventually exposing his intentions. We might get to view a flashback as to why Monkey D. Dragon began the Army, cause it is a single one of the greatest secrets in the world of One Piece.
One Piece Chapter 905 Speculations - Rayleigh

We probably got to notice the other dominant kingdoms that are visiting the Reverie. The debut of the commanders of the Revolutionary Army was particularly wonderfully done. Though, I believe there are further compelling members of the RA that are yet to be shown.
One Piece Chapter 905 Speculations- Dragon


Furthermore, in the next manga chapter of One Piece, I believe that the plan for taking down the World Nobles will be shown as they have previously teased it.

One Piece manga chapter 905 will come out on Shonen Jump on May 21st, though One Piece chapter 905 Scans will drip online on 18th May.

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