‘Shaman King’ Declares A New Spin-Off Manga

Like several different classic shonen anime & manga stories, Hiroyuki’s Shaman King is celebrating a big anniversary this year. With its 20th Anniversary celebration not only bringing a new arc for the series but a spin-off manga as well.
New Shaman King Manga

Kodansha has announced that the series is getting a new spin-off manga written by Jet Kusamura, and will follow Tao Jun.


Shaman king New Spin Off Manga

Announced in Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine Edge June issue, which also features the first new chapter of the new Shaman King arc, Super Star, the new spin-off manga will be titled Shaman King Gaiden: Red Crimson. Following Tao Ren’s older sister Tao Jun, the preview art for the new manga is slick and bears the tagline, “A crimson shadow draws close to the flower of the Tao family.”
Shaman King New Manga

For those unfamiliar with Shaman King, the series was originally created by Hiroyuki Takei. The story serves Yoh Asakura, a priest who is a medium within the worlds of the living and the deceased. He enters into the Shaman battle tournament between priests held every 500-year cycle, in order to match to reach the Great Spirit and become the Shaman King, one who is capable of reshaping the world in any form they want.
Shaman King New Spin Off Manga


The story was originally published in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from 1998-2004 and has been assembled into 32 volumes. The manga was allowed for an English language statement by Viz Media and was modified into an anime by Xebec. The anime was allowed for the English language transmitted by 4Kids Entertainment and lasted for 64 episodes.
Shaman King New Spin Off Manga

The story was freshly revived with the fresh Shaman King The Super Star, though not much is acknowledged about the current manga since it has further to issue outside of Japan. Followers are thrilled just to see the series receiving new stories behind such a long-drawn wait since they, however, feel the pain of the manga’s initial abrupt end.

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