Latest ‘Boruto’ Episode Preview Shows Boruto Confronting Shikadai

Anime Boruto is now in the much awaited Chunin Exams saga first included in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, & Uzumaki Boruto has made it through the first course of the solo tournament gratefulness to the aid of his ninja tools.
Shikadai Vs Boruto

However, while his first game was hard and almost won, the preview for the following episode of the story reveals that Boruto’s not out of the water though as he presently has to confront one of his best buddies, Shikadai.
Shikadai Vs Boruto


Boruto and Shikadai gave off enough of what they could do in the earlier episode, though Shikadai had the solid show overall as his battle with Yodo of the Hidden Sand as his tactics and talent really flashed through his success. Boruto, on the other round, cheated to make it through and the first dispensed off in the preview now has Boruto on the strings.
Shikadai Boruto Episode 59

Forward with the competition between Boruto and Shikadai, Cho Cho yet has her battle against Shinki and it probably won’t go so great for her. Given that so little footage is presented through the preview, and the evidence that her battle starts at the end of the newest episode yet is barely discussed in the preview shows that Shinki probably is on his route to an immediate victory.
Shikadai Vs Boruto Uzumaki

For followers forward with how the Chunin Exams advanced in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the battle between Boruto and Shikadai is an essential one. In the movie, it’s where the other ninja characters out Boruto has been deceiving and the Chunin Exams are delivered into chaos for a number of reasons for this result.


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