Ryokugyu’s Ultimate Devil Fruit, Energy-Energy No Mi

“One of the Most Powerful Devil Fruit: Energy-Energy No Mi”

I’ll be talking about Logia Devil Fruits and how Ryokugyu aka Green bull could possess the most Powerful one that it similar to Blackbeard Yami Yami no Mi Devil Fruit. So, what Devil Fruit does Admiral Ryokugyu Have? Well, my guess is an Energy-Based logia Devil Fruit.
Energy-Energy No Mi

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit


Why is this Logia Devil Fruit?

Energy Logia gives the user Energy Physiology which indicates his body is entirely made up of Pure Energy.

Why is this Devil Fruit “Unique”?

Blackbeard called his Devil Fruit a “Unique” Logia.


Blackbeard Darkness Devil Fruit gives him the ability of “Infinite Gravitation”.

Blackbeard has the power to suck in the Devil fruit powers do what if Ryokugu can also absorb Devil fruit powers but Unlike darkness which keeps the Devil fruit powers for an unlimited time, he could have it for a Limited amount of time.

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit


What are the abilities of Energy Energy no Mi Devil Fruit?

Well, you won’t enjoy real food.

Greenbull: Rahahah!! if there were a Pretty Girl here, who would spoon feed me while saying “ahh” I’d eat.

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit

This is proof that he has the ability to eat as freely as he wants but not eating doesn’t affect him at all he’s been doing it for 3 years and he doesn’t care to mean that he doesn’t like it or need it.

Greenbull: but eating is a pain in the ass ..I haven’t bothered eating in 3 years Rahahah!!

let’s talk about how some Devil Fruits affect their user’s body.

We all know!

• Ex-Warden Magellan Suffers from Diarrhea due to his Poison-Poison Devil Fruit because everything he eats gets turned into poison, So does a similar thing happen with Ryokugyu’s Energy Devil fruit?
Probably, yes.
Energy users have an ability called Energy Metabolization: this allows the user to Feed off Energy itself.

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit

Reason: I think this devil fruit causes Ryokugyu to not taste or enjoy Real food only making him feed on Energy Through Energy absorption from various Sources he could also enjoy taking energy off of people.

How does this work?

• Gekko Moriah’s Shadow-Shadow Devil Fruit allows him to steal shadows and makes him stronger.

• Ryokugyu’s Energy-Energy Devil Fruit allows him to absorb various forms of energy while removing it from the source into his body and use it in various ways like gaining a form of an advantage either by enhancing himself gaining the drained power using it as a power source.

Why he is a “Beast”

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit

They are called “true beasts” in terms of power but what if they Ryokugu is a “true beast” personality wise as he would prefer to Drain the Energy out of the weak and pirates through.

Energy Scattering:

The ability to separate and scatter all forms of energy and powers draining the victims of all power and Any energy that has been scattered will eventually dissipate into nothing which will leave the victim helpless making him more cruel and evil.

What about “Green Bull” why?
Admirals often have an alias like Akainu being “Red Dog” and they often use their Logia powers to create these things.

Like this representing Sakazuki making a “Red Dog” out of his Magma abilities.

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit

Can Ryokugyu do something similar ability to produce a “Green Bull”?

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit

Yes, Energy gives the user requests an ability named the Entity Aura,
which enables the user to circle themselves in the aura of an entity like a Bull, probably to becoming nearly untouchable and be given abilities and attacks of the entity. The aura of the Bull may also provide the user improved physical abilities such as speed, power, and endurance.

Does Green Bull Have Future Sight?

This not just out of thin air but Energy Devil Fruit can allow a thing called Energy Perception: User can sense energies that bind the universe collectively allowing them to observe destiny or causality which can be used to bypass life courses follow a path or view the future.

Other powers and abilities!

Ryokugyu's Ultimate Devil Fruit

Energy constructions:

He could create any item he can imagine and have a good idea how it functions.
A list of possibilities includes:
• Duplicates Of himself.
• Appendage Generation: creating extra body parts or others like wings

Ray/Beam Manipulation:

Like Kizaru but could have the ability to use different varieties of rays.


The user can teleport via energy, merging into energy and appearing anywhere else from energy-source.

Force-Field Manipulation:

The user can create, shape, and manipulate Force-Fields.
Field of energy without mass that acts as a matter/wall, so that objects affected by the particular force on the field are unable to pass through the field and reach the other side.

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