A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters

Spirited Away stays among the most sought after animated movies ever made. The film creates a mystical world of joy for viewers of all ages, using hand-drawn animation techniques and seamless computer-generated composites. 

The plot follows a family moving to a new town, much to the annoyance of grumpy 10-year-old Chihiro. Her parents become pigs in a disturbing turn of events, and Chihiro finds herself unexpectedly stuck in a spirit world. 


Embracing rich symbolism and strong storytelling when highlighting Chihiro’s transformative path, it features a vibrant cast of characters. Here’s a closer look at the main characters in Spirited Away.

A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters
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Chihiro Ogino

Chihiro Ogino, who is referred to by her nickname, Sen, throughout the film, is the main protagonist of the movie. She’s got dark hair, brown eyes, and rosy cheeks. 


She is tiny and has a juvenile appearance and a chubby face. Her wardrobe comprises a medium-sleeved white T-shirt with bright green stripes, vibrant red shorts, white socks, and yellow sneakers. 

She develops from an easily frightened girl with a childlike disposition to a hard-working, diligent, and courageous young girl who has learned to put her worries away for those she loves during her adventure in the Spirit World.

A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters
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No-Face is a spirit and a secondary antagonist in the movie. He is seen to be able to respond to emotions and ingest other people to acquire their personality and physical attributes. 

When presented for the first time, No-Face appears in a semi-transparent state, thus shifting visibility. The organs are noticeable and pulsating in certain states. His body is depicted as a long, black tube. 

Subjected to the laborers’ corrupt thinking and selfishness, he quickly grew to embrace their personalities. Wishing to be like those around Chihiro eventually helps him change his path. 

A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters
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Nigihayami Kohakunushi was called by his nickname Haku for most of the film. In physical age, Haku appears to be about 12 years old

When he is human, he has long, shamrock green hair in a bob haircut and slanted, shamrock green eyes. Haku wears a short, turquoise blue hakama, white kariginu with a dark turquoise blue kimono underneath and beige sandals. 

He is second in command at the spiritual bathhouse, as the apprentice of Yubaba. Haku is not a normal human being. He is a spirit-being capable of turning into a dragon.

A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters
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She is the Bathhouse proprietor and the primary villain. She is Zeniba’s identical younger twin sister, and Boh’s mother. 

She has a giant-sized body, and a massive mound of gray hair combed into a bun-like shape. Her age is never declared, but Yubaba is very wrinkled, most possibly ancient. 

Yubaba has a personality that is highly overbearing and intimidating. Like several other employees in her notorious bathhouse, she greedily obsesses with gold and displays willingness to see gold as a priority over her kin.

A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters
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She is a slave in Yubaba’s Bathhouse in the Spirit World. She becomes the caretaker of Chihiro Ogino and assists her several times during the film when the she is assigned to her as an assistant.   

Lin is very tough-hearted, determined, and even bossy. While she has a big heart and cares for Chihiro, she is quick to get on the defensive, and sometimes her tone and expressions are sarcastic. 

Lin has dark chocolate eyes, chocolate brown straight hair with short bangs split into both sides of her head into the middle and long side strands of hair. Her hair extends past her waist, and the end is attached to a pink carnation ribbon.

A Closer Look at the Main Spirited Away Characters
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As she is the twin of Yubaba, the appearance of Zeniba is similar to that of her sibling. The only distinguishing characteristic between the sisters is that Zeniba is seen to wear glasses, suggesting that she may be far-sighted.

As she appears for the first time in the second half of the film, she seems as threatening as her sister is. She tells Chihiro Ogino to keep quiet about the incident after wreaking havoc in Yubaba’s office, or she will rip her mouth out.


Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki has stolen the hearts of audiences around the world. Each time you watch the movie and take a closer look at its main characters and their qualities, you fall in love with the movie all over again.