A Look at the 5 Most Popular South Park Characters

South Park is an American animated television series. It’s a narrative that has a storyline revolving around the four children, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and their bizarre adventures.

The overall setting is a town composed of families and their neighborhood, students, school staff, and other residents who view South Park as a quiet place to live in. This television series is described as an adult-oriented animated comedy series with over 300 episodes. 


It has a lot of characters that make all the series alive and fun to watch. You will indeed have your favorite characters that you will learn from. This animated sitcom consists of various characters that portray unique personalities. Here are the five most popular South Park characters and what they represent in the show.

A Look at the 5 Most Popular South Park Characters
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Mr. Garrison

This character is one of the most unique among South Park’s residents. He is considered the main antagonist. Mr. Garrison is primarily a teacher; however, he was dismissed, which urged him to campaign for the United States’ presidency.

What’s striking about Mr. Garrison’s character is that he underwent a sex change. In the first eight episodes, he played the role of Mr. Garrison, and on the 9th season, he was introduced as Janet Garrison.


However, Mrs. Garrison felt that she was tired of playing a woman’s role; that’s why she decided to live as a man again. Mr. Garrison is one of the few characters in South Park that can remove the barrier between the audience and the show’s performers through his overall character.

Stan Marsh & Kyle Broflovski

These are the two characters that can’t be separated even though they depict two different personalities. Stan Marsh is one of the main characters in the show.

He is described as a relaxed, happy-go-lucky student that tends to show a lack of interest in what is happening around him. Stan Marsh is considered the main protagonist.


On the other hand, Kyle Broflovski is described as more morally righteous than Stan, but he is more hotheaded. Even though he is cynical and foul-mouthed at times, he has an underlying sweetness that’s why it’s not difficult for him to make friends.

Butters Stotch

He is described as an optimistic, cheerful, gullible, sweet-natured, and at times naive young boy. He depicts a typical young boy that is anxious when his parents give him punishments for no grounds.

Even though Butters Stotch is surrounded by children who use foul-mouthed language, he still manages to be kind.

With his wholesome attitude, he usually experiences abuse from his parents and his classmates. With this, he is perceived as a nerdy type who speaks with a mild stutter.

A Look at the 5 Most Popular South Park Characters
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Eric Cartman

In almost all episodes, Cartman is portrayed as the main protagonist or antihero. His peers describe him as a homophobic, racist, self-righteous, and insensitive individual.

He is the show’s main child character that is also being bullied by classmates and other kids due to his fat appearance that resulted in his aggressive, discriminatory, and emotionally unstable character.

Cartman is intelligent, wherein he can make his business plans a success. However, during the latter part of the show, he begins to exhibit psychopathic ad manipulative behavior that even drives people away from him.

Token Black

He was the only black child in South Park. His character talks about racial issues that are prominent in the community. Token Black portrays a politically-correct idea of a “token black guy” for racial diversity.

In the show, he depicts a rich kid that allows him to make friends and socialize with other kids. The show was able to point out that sometimes, racism prevails not only depends on an individual’s color and culture but also a person’s socioeconomic status.

Eric Cartman is the most significant source of racism towards Token Black.


Each South Park character complete the plot of the comedy series. This cartoon’s success is the fact that they have created supporting characters that everyone can relate to at least once in their lifetime.

It is worth watching because it is entertaining and that viewers can gain something from each of the characters.