Boruto Episode 150 Spoilers, Summary, Release Date and Updates

Hello guys, we are back with another spoiler and release date post. Today, we are going to talk about the spoilers and release date of Boruto Episode 150. But before moving forward, let me remind you that this article holds spoilers for the upcoming episode of Boruto, so proceed at your own risk. Let’s start!

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Now, moving forward to the spoilers of Boruto Episode 150-

Boruto Episode 150 Spoilers

Twitter user Abdul Zoldyck recently shared a summary of the next episode of Boruto and it looks quite exciting. Here are the spoilers- Episode 150 is titled ‘The Value of the Strongest Card’ in this episode we will see what decision Boruto makes. Team 7 has entrusted with a B-rank mission and Boruto seems overjoyed with it. However, he notices a rare card in his pocket which belongs to Tento. He heads towards Tento’s hotel to return the card, but when he reaches there he discovers that Tento has been kidnapped by the Mujina Bandits. Now, Boruto wants to save him but the mission day is coming the next day. What will he do in this kind of situation? Will he try to rescue Tento abandoning his mission? These things will be answered in Boruto Episode 150.

Moreover, Konohamaru reminds team 7 to not to be thrilled. We will also learn the demands 0f Mujina Bandits to free Tento. How will Ikkyuu react to those demands? We will have to wait for Episode 150 to know for sure.


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Team 7 finally got a B-rank mission and well our boy Boruto is really excited about it. We will also learn that Tento is missing and Boruto wants to rescue him. The kidnapping is done by Mujina Bandits and well this puts Boruto in a very difficult situation. He wants to rescue Tento as well as clear the newly assigned B-rank mission. We have to wait for Boruto Episode 150 to find out what he will do in this situation.

Release Date

Episode 150 is scheduled to air on Sunday, 29th March 2020. The upcoming episode is titled “The Value of the Strongest Card.”



Where to watch Boruto Episode 150?

You can watch Boruto Episode 150 on Crunchyroll and Hulu in Japanese audio and English subtitles. Fans in the United States can watch it in an English dubbed version on Viz Media. Apart from the upcoming episode, you can also watch all the earlier released episodes Boruto from these streaming sites.

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