Top Ten Anime Couples: The Ultimate List

Top Ten Anime Couples

Shipping our favorite couples from our favorite anime excites us otakus more than anything in this whole world. Seeing the characters’ relationships progress with twists and turns keeps us on our toes all the time. These couples sometimes make us laugh and sometimes make us cry with their traits and actions. All of the anime listed below are highly recommended if you want to enjoy light some light romance at the end of a taxing day. Enjoy!


P.S. – The numbering here does not signify anything. All of them are equally great. If you happen to know any more that have not been listed here, feel free to comment down below.


  • Asuna and Kirito from Sword Art Online – Asuna and Kirito are undeniably one of the best couples in all anime history. The way their love story unfolds is just very heart-warming. They went through hell and back for each other. Their love is indeed special.

Asuna and Kirito



Their relationship is one of the kinds where you just know that you are going to spend the rest of your life with your better half. They are very much dedicated to each other. Their relationship is so serious that even though being only boyfriend and girlfriend, they behave as if they are married and even spend two weeks on the 22nd floor as their honeymoon, just spending some quality time together and having fun. Even though they met in a game, they keep their relationship alive outside of it too. Couple goals? I think so too.  


  • Misaki and Usui from Kaichou Wa Maid Sama – Usui and Misaki never started off as a general couple. She is the president of Seika High school which has just turned from all boys to co-ed. Because of which the ratio of boys: girls is much higher. Misaki works hard to prevent the boys from goofing around the girls and making them uncomfortable. What no one knows about her is that coming from a poor family she has to work in a maid cafe as a waitress.

Usui and Misaki


One day as Usui catches her working in the cafe, she tells him her story and asks him not to tell anyone or she might lose authority in the school. Usui is the most handsome boy in the school who is confessed to by almost every other girl, but he has his eye only the one, yes you guessed it, Misaki. Slowly but surely their love develops as Usui time and again irritates Misaki and makes her blush.


  • Yamato and Takeo from Ore Monogatari – The time to talk about the cutest couple in town has arrived. Their relationship begins when one day when returning from school, Takeo protects Yamato from being groped by a pervert. He is instantly infatuated by her thing that she is very beautiful and cute. Later, Yamato brings Takeo handmade sweets as a thank you. From then on she always brings him sweets made by her. As Sanakawa, their other friend, always accompanies her, Takeo begins to believe that she likes Sanakawa.

Yamato and Takeo


But this little misunderstanding is soon resolved and they begin to date. Takeo understands that she is very pure and assures her that he will not touch her until she is more mature. Yamato feels shy and self-conscious whenever she wants to hold hands with Takeo or wants to hug him. Finally, they confess their love to each other when they go on a beach vacation.  


  • Risa and Otani from Lovely Complex – Otani and Risa were first classmates. Their relationship started with rivalry, always bickering at each other and therefore called as “All Hanshin-Kyojin” due to their height difference. Shortly after the beginning both of them develop a crush on different classmates and make a pact to set each other up. But they soon realize that the ones they liked did not reciprocate their feelings and instead liked one another.

Risa and Onanie

After this, Risa and Otani begin another rivalry which was to see who would get a boyfriend/girlfriend first. Because of, this they begin to develop a close bond with each other. Realizing that they both were a fan of a rock star Umibozu, they decide to catch his concert on Christmas. But Otani changes his plans at the last moment. Risa, alone at the concert is suddenly greeted by Otani whom she didn’t expect. He tells her that nothing is more important to him than being with her and this is when Risa begins to develop a deep crush on Otani.

Risa and Otani


Otani is totally clueless that someone is infatuated to him despite his friends dropping crystal clear hints. When Risa confesses to him, he takes it as a joke and laughs it off. But when she again insists he finally believes it. He rejects her later. Later, their English teacher makes Otani realise that he is no good without her and he secretly has feelings for her. From then on, their love story begins.


  • Usagi and Mamoru from Sailor Moon – At the start of the series, Usagi and Mamoru hate each other and know nothing about each other’s past. But when they transform into Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask they have a flirtatious relationship.

Usagi and Mamuro


Usagi is kind of immature and a bit glutton. She is shown as a hero but not as a princess. She survives school with grades that her parents are not especially proud of. On the other hand, Mamoru is a calm college going student, totally opposite to Usagi. Once they regain their memories, they become a very romantic couple. But Mamoru breaks up with Usagi later because he keeps dreaming about something bad that might befall Usagi if they keep dating. Although there is a bit of age difference between the two, their love wins against every obstacle and they get married. Eventually, they have a child named Rini/Chibiusa.  


  • Naruto and Hinata from Naruto – Hinata and Naruto first met when they were very small and Naruto then protected Hinata from bullies who were insulting her. This led to Hinata’s development of feelings for him. Seeing Naruto being treated as an outcast she felt relatable to him. Naruto’s unyielding determination and his dream to become Hokage gave Hinata strength.

Naruto ad Hinata


Because of such a hard childhood, Naruto failed to recognize Hinata’s feeling towards him and always termed her as a shy and dark girl. Various incidents bring the both of them closer to each other. Hinata always seen to put her life on-line to save Naruto. Naruto also gradually falls in love with her and confesses his love to her. Soon they get married and two kids, a boy named Boruto and a lovely girl named Himawari.  


  • Ryuuji and Taiga from Toradora – Their first meeting is very unusual. They bumped into each other and Taiga punched him because of her bad mood and attitude. Soon they become good friends and get to know that each of them has a crush on the other one’s best friend. Ryuuji suggests that they both cooperate and set each other up. Taiga takes advantage of the fact that Taiga would do anything to get close to his crush. She makes him do all of her work and chores. Soon, they start spending almost all of their time together so much so that Taiga becomes Ryuuji’s family member. Although, Taiga secretly likes Ryuuji she always refers to their relationship as a “slave and master” one.

Ryuuji and Taiga


Ryuuji opens up Taiga’s side to the world that no one has ever seen. Spending so much time together leads them to fall deeply in love with each other and eventually, they confess it to each other.   


  • Tomoya and Nagisa from Clannad –  Tomoya and Nagisa meet on the first day of their school, where Tomoya finds that Nagisa has been talking to herself to boost her confidence. He encourages her and they both walk to the school together. They again meet later that day when they have lunch together. They get to know each other and Nagisa tells him that she is repeating her 3rd year because of some illness and her desire to join the drama club. Unfortunately, the drama club has been disbanded so both of them decide to revive it together.

Tomoya and Nagisa


Eventually, they start to develop feelings for each other and ultimately fall in love. They start dating and by the by the day of their graduation arrives. Unfortunately, Nagisa is still unable to graduate because of her illness and Tomoya starts his life as an adult. Soon, Tomoya gets a job as an electrician and starts living on his own. Once Nagisa graduates they marry and begin to live together.    


  • Natsu and Lucy from Fairy Tail – Natsu and Lucy share a very deep and strong bond stemming from the fact that Natsu was the one who invited Lucy to join Fairy Tail in the first place.


Natsu always troubles Lucy with his impulsive and destructive nature. He drops at her house unannounced waiting for her to arrive. One time, Lucy falls sick and is not able to go out for the Magnolia Town’s Blossom-viewing, so Natsu uproots the tree and sets it on a boat so that Lucy will be able to see it from her window. They both deeply care for each other and always protect each other from enemies. They are often teased by their guild-mates that they might be couple, hearing which Lucy always blushes visibly.  


  • Senjougahara and Araragi from Bakemonogatari – Araragi wants to lead a simple life, but it’s not that easy. Firstly because he is the victim of a vampire attack and also that he possesses some kind of superhuman abilities.

Top Ten Anime Couples


Senjougahara is a girl who is light as a feather. When she runs into Araragi, she is compelled to tell her secrets. Bakemonogatari unfolds with their quirky relationship and how they develop a love for each other.

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