Check Out BanG Dream: Shows, Music, Games, and More

Many of us fantasize about entering the music industry one day, but the majority of us don’t ever get past those fantasies to reach the big music stage. That’s kind of BanG Dream’s premise. 

BanG Dream! has received global acclaim because of its live concerts and Girls Band Party!. It starts with a childhood dream and then moves you from your dream to action as you pursue your aspirations.


This game is interesting because it helps you virtually pass that hump that most people have when they try to make their dreams a reality. Up next we’re going to tell you what BanG Dream is all about.

Check Out BanG Dream: Shows, Music, Games, and More
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What is BanG Dream?

BanG Dream, often referred to as Bandori!, is a Bushiroad-owned Japanese music media franchise. 

Established in January 2015 by Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani with Kō Nakamura‘s original plot, the project started as a manga before spreading to other media.


The franchise concept is centered on all-female bands whose members are also anime and mobile game voice actresses. The project has seven groups as of 2020, four of which can play their respective characters’ instruments.

BanG Dream! includes an anime TV series, live concerts, singles and albums, and the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! mobile rhythm game by Craft Egg, in addition to other manga.

Music and Bands

In February 2015, the first band, Poppin’Party, was created, and with the launch of the mobile game in 2017, more groups were added: Afterglow, Pastel*Palettes, Roselia, and Hello, Happy World!. 


A backup band named The Third was renamed Raise A Suilen in 2018 and entered the series, preceded in 2020 by a seventh unit called Morfonica.

Poppin’Party, Roselia, Raise A Suilen, and Morfonica’s voice actresses play their original music for live shows, while the others are confined to vocals.

Anime, Movies, and Shows

The anime, which explores the bands’ fictional depictions, comprises three seasons – produced by Issen (OLM with Bushiroad) and Xebec, the first season aired from January to April 2017.

For the second and third seasons, Sanzigen carried over production duties, which were broadcast in the winter of 2019 and 2020, respectively. In 2019, the movie BanG Dream! Film Live was released, with a sequel scheduled for 2021.

For theatrical releases in 2021 and 2022, three films based on Roselia and Poppin’Party are anticipated. 

There will be a spin-off anime series made of BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ☆ Pico and its sequel Pico ~Ohmori~ by Sanzigen with DMM.futureworks and Pastel Life by Studio A-Cat.

The series has gained international success for its live performances and mobile game, although, with later seasons, the anime has seen inconsistent reviews, but those reviews have been improving. 

The franchise evolved in 2018 to include a male-based counterpart from BanG Dream!, Argonavis.

Check Out BanG Dream: Shows, Music, Games, and More
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Mobile Game

Developed by Craft Egg and published by Bushimo of Bushiroad, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, also known as Garupa, is a free-to-play mobile rhythm game for the Android and iOS platforms.

The gameplay involves tapping notes to the rhythm of a chosen song as they scroll toward the bottom. Original pieces from the series and cover versions of popular anime music are playable tracks.

An augmented reality application based on the game titled Bandori! Garupa AR!  was released beginning January 9, 2018, for a short duration. 

yGirls Band Party! in 2019 teamed up with SCRAP Co. to create Find the Random Star!, an escape room-like game in which, by solving riddles found around the city, players search for Kasumi’s missing guitar.

Bottom Line

BanG Dream will not win any originality recognition, but it has a lot of heart. If you’ve ever wanted to chase your musical dream, you can take a great musical adventure with BanG Dream as well as check out their shows and music.