[SPOILER’S] Return In Tournament Of Power Episode 130 – Not Frieza

Dragon Ball Super understands how to create a scene. Over the times, the franchise has included lots of murmur worthy points. Super Saiyan God made everyone arguing while it debuted, and the arrival of Future Trunks made everyone panicked as entirely. Though, few pieces will always top the discussion that DBS proposed tonight with its latest episode.

Spoilers below! You have been informed.


Dragon Ball Super just released one of its greatest bombshells to time. With Goku on the strings, fans believed that Goku was a goner when Jiren achieved to beat the fighter outside of the ToP stage. Then Goku grounded on a part of the stray rock, but that point didn’t yet enrol some fans. In a burst of light, Frieza did his great-expected coming to the fight, though he did not arrive back alone.

This time Android 17 got along with Frieza.

In a shocking turnaround, it sets out that 17 did not perish like everyone assumed a few weeks ago. The warrior, who did his appearance in Dragon Ball Z as a villain, seemed to devote his own life to protect those of Vegeta and Goku. Android 17 signed up a self-destruction way that turned one of Jiren’s charges which were aimed at the Saiyans. The warrior said he didn’t object losing his personal life as it was such a mortal stuff to do, but it looks the Android 17 ideas didn’t go as anticipated. Android 17 is yet very much living, and he is soon coupling up with Frieza to compete Jiren while Goku heals on the sidelines.


As you can guess, fans are freaking out regarding the completely surprising return.

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