The Seven Deadly Sins Episode 9 Spoilers

The new episode of the Seven Deadly Sins will be airing soon. In the earlier episode, Diane was defended by Matrona, who is a brand-new character that has been included in the series. Plus, we got to recognize the reason why Meliodas’ power was taken apart from him by Merlin. The purpose was really simple, it was extremely dangerous. If Meliodas’ was influenced by sentiments, then he could go on a violence.

Episode 9 is titled as “The Promise of the Loved One”. When Meliodas starts the trial, he is approached by Liz, who is assumed to be dead. Meliodas issues why he is performing through the condition.


Elizabeth also starts her trail because she desires to grow stronger and show her value to Meliodas and the others. In the blink of an eye, the festive situation turns into a dark one as Liz dies. Meliodas quickly releases all his rage and shouts out for Liz. To his shock, Liz is alive. Meliodas understands that this is Zanel’s path. Meliodas can’t manage the shock from the trail.

Zanel draws Meliodas back as she believes, it might be risky to continue. Elizabeth tells that she is good with Meliodas losing as he is constantly protecting his comrades. Meliodas questions Zanel to assign him to the trial however again. Zanel objects that if he proceeds then his brain will be split apart.

However, Meliodas has now made his intention and he resumes the trial. This point Meliodas experiences severe pain as well. But, will he be capable of surpassing his limits and dump all his emotions?