One Piece Manga Chapter 897 Revealed [SPOILER] Saves Luffy

One Piece manga is set up for the closing stage of its peak of the WCI arc, and that involves the result after Luffy and Katakuri’s big battle in the mirro-world.

In exiting the mirro-world, Luffy soon saw himself charged by Oven and the remainder of the Charlotte Family. Fortunately, Sanji, and later his family (Germa 66), are there to protect him.


Strawhat initially receives supports out of the mirro-world from masked Pekoms, he had arrived there in progression to get Luffy harmlessly off the Cacao Island utilizing his Su Long form. After rising of the mirror holding Brulee captive, Charlotte Oven immediately recognizes that Pekoms is screening Luffy in his hairs.

Seeing the collapsed Luffy, Sanji instantly jumps into battle and tries to get away from Cacao by doing his Sky Walk, but unluckily for them, few different members of the Charlotte Family concern that some of them are capable of using the identical technique and pin them to the area. The Charlotte Family is too wide for the two of them to manage, but before Luffy and Sanji are overwhelmed someone else appears to save them.

Following surprisingly beating a fleet of Charlotte Smoothie’s ships, Germa 66 has begun their counterattack upon the Charlotte Family after Big Mom’s deception through Sanji and Pudding’s marriage.


Diving in to save Luffy and Sanji are his siblings Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji and his sis Reiju in their complete armor set. It appears they have eventually made it out of Big Mom’s palace and are made for a major battle with the remains of the Charlotte Family members before the Whole Cake Island arc reaches its conclusion.