Top 10 Best Swords-Women in Anime

Hello, Everyone! Today I’m going to talk about my top anime Swords-Women. I have done a list of Anime badass swords-women. Anyway, I have seen many sorts of anime that involve the protagonist or side characters using swords. I myself believe that girls who handle swords are legit and crazily cool. I mean, just by their looks and the way they move.  I do not concentrate on the ranking I choose them more as for their characters and action. Let’s Start!

Top 10 Best Swords-women in Anime



  • Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)- She is an S-class mage of Fairy Tail guild, and also a member of Team Natsu. Erza also goes on to become the guild’s 7th master in the absence of Makarov in X792. Her alias name is Titania.

Erza Scarlet- Swords-women



She is a disciplinarian, a very strict person with a soft heart. Erza is a young woman, with scarlet hair, brown eyes, and a voluptuous figure. Her Fairy Tail stamp is blue and is located on the middle of her left upper arm.

Erza Scarlet equip



She uses Requip Magic which enables her to use different styles of swords and outfits based upon the occasions’ demands. She can also use telekinesis, a power she didn’t know she had and on which she stumbled upon when she was little.


  • Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)- Asuna was one of the 10,000 players trapped in Sword Art Online, where she was the sub-leader of the Knights of the Blood (KoB) guild.


Female Swordsman


Her skills with the sword had her earned her the nickname The Flash.

Asuna Yuuki

She has long, orangish-brown hair, and hazel eyes. She is a helpful, kind young woman who cannot abandon others in trouble. She takes the game very seriously and she often acts on her own and takes matters into her hands.



  • Mikasa Ackerman (Shingeki No Kyojin)- She is the adoptive sister of Eren Jaeger and one of the main characters along with Armin Arlert. After her biological parents were murdered by human traffickers, she was rescued by Eren and lived with him and his parents, before the fall of Wall Maria.

Mikasa ackerman female swordsman


Mikasa is a tall, muscular and fit girl who has chin length black hair and black eyes. As a soldier, she always wears the Survey Corps uniform and the green cape with wings of freedom on it. The only thing that makes her appearance different from the others is that she wears a red scarf around her neck given to her by Eren.

Mikasa ackerman

In terms of her skill with the ODM gear and the blades, she is a true genius. With her speed and efficiency, she can take down titans very easily.   







  • Yoruichi Shihouin (Bleach)-  She is the former captain of the 2nd Division of the Gotei 13. Her Lieutenant was Marenoshin Ōmaeda. Having abandoned her command, she works with Kisuke Urahara and Tessai Tsukabishi, based in the Urahara Shop out in the Human World.

bleach swordsperson


She is a slender woman with purple hair, dark skin, and yellow eyes. She wears a black, backless undershirt, an orange over-shirt with two white stripes on each shoulder, a large sash around her waist, and black pants.

Yoruichi Shihouin

Unlike any other known shinigami, she can transform into a black cat. In this form, she has a male voice and golden eyes. She is considered to be the most proficient Hohō master in all of the Soul Society, she is immensely skilled in Shunko. Because of her skill, she has earned the title of Flash Goddess.






  • Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)- She is the current Captain of the 13th Division. She formerly served as lieutenant of the 13th Division under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. She is also the adoptive sister of Byakuya Kuchiki and a friend of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Rukia Kuchiki


Rukia is short in height and petite. She has black hair and purple eyes. Rukia is a modest girl even though being from a noble family. Her greatest strength lies in her use of Kido, in which her known skills are of binding, healing, and destruction.

Rukia Kuchiki bleach

She knows the basic techniques of Zanjutsu, and through vigorous training is able to stand her own in battle.








  • Imai Nobume (Gintama)- Formerly known as Mukuro, she is a former member of the assassination unit of the Mimawarigumi, as well as the former vice-captain of the Mimawarigumi.

Imai Nobume


Nobume has a triangular face with full red eyes. She has long blue hair with short bangs on her forehead. Her eyes were initially pupil-less and had a “murderous-like” look to them due to her past, being raised as a cold-blooded assassin by the Naraku faction. After Sasaki Isaburo’s death, she renewed her ideals, with pupils full of life appearing in her eyes.

Imai Nobume gintama

She has excellent swordsmanship capabilities, on par with Okita Sougo, her equivalent in Shinsengumi.







  • Akame (Akame Ga Kill)- Also known as Akame of the Demon Sword Murasame. She was originally sold to the Empire along with her sister Kurome to be trained as an assassin, Akame eventually defected to the rebels when she was sent to assassinate General Najenda, the leader of Night Raid and joined them to overthrow the corrupt monarchy.

Akame Curse



Akame is a young girl with red eyes and black hair reaching down to her knees. She wears a sleeveless dress which has a white collar and a red tie. She seems to be a very serious and cold-hearted person at first but in reality, she is just socially awkward.

Akame full power

She is considered to be one of the strongest members of Night Raid, killing the most powerful enemies with minimal effort. Akame is an extremely skilled swordsman, wielding her Teigu Murasame, with careful precision and skill.






  • Saber (Fate/Stay Night)- She is one of the main characters of Fate/Zero and one of the three main heroines of Fate/stay night. She is the Saber-class Servant of Kiritsugu Emiya in the Fourth Holy Grail War and Shirou Emiya in the Fifth Holy Grail War.

saber fate


She has the appearance of a young woman with a slender physique, soft skin, and green eyes. She normally wears shining armor with an old style dress, made from old-fashioned blue cloth, underneath.

fate series order

The Saber class is considered the “Most Outstanding” due to its excellent ratings in all categories, and Saber doesn’t fall short of that reputation. She is extremely skilled with a sword, but her true strength lies in her magical energy.






  • Busujima Saeko (Highschool Of The Dead) – She is a student at Fujimi High School, a member of the survivor group led by Takashi Komuro and the daughter of Master Busujima. Before the apocalypse, she was in her Third year and was also captain of the Kendo Club.

Busujima Saeko


Saeko has long, purple, shiny hair with blue eyes and a voluptuous figure. She is a kind, caring, strong, and reliable person. She remains calm and collected despite the havoc around her.

Busujima Saeko swordname

She is a master swordswoman, extremely masterful of the art of Kendo. She can land powerful strikes with high precision even with a wooden bokuto. 






  • Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)- Maka is a Scythe-Meister and the daughter of Spirit Albarn and his ex-wife. After witnessing her father cheating, she was inspired by her mother and she became determined to follow in her footsteps and became a Meister. Maka partnered up with the “Demon Scythe” Soul Eater, in an attempt to create a Death Scythe more powerful than her father.

Maka Albarn wallpaper


She is a teenage girl, with light taupe hair which she keeps in pigtails. She usually wears a normal schoolgirl outfit, a white blouse, and yellow sweater vest.

Maka Albarn (Soul Eater)

Maka is considered to be a dangerous and formidable opponent due to her Anti-Demon Wavelength and her exceptional Soul Perception.   



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