The Real Connection Of Doctor Strange With Wakanda

There is little uncertainty that Black Panther was fully covered in the course of T’Challa as he gets the throne of Wakanda and fronts the most compelling villain in the Marvel Universe. Still, that doesn’t mean that the Ryan movie did not highlight a few hints to the rest of MCU. One distinct scene may have exposed that Erik Killmonger is informed that Wakanda has been putting an eye out for other superheroes. Was Michael B. Jordan’s villain plotting to infiltrate the sanctums that were recently introduced in Doctor Strange?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

In Black Panther, Killmonger crushed T’Challa in ritual battle and was recognized the new King of Wakanda. When the villain takes to the authority room and faces the other officers, he declares his plans to allies and the Wakandan secret operatives that have been inserted throughout the world. Killmonger makes sure to discuss the operatives who are in New York, London, and Hong Kong should take the vibranium weapons.

Credit: Marvel


But what makes these three distinct cities stand out?

The cities also appear to be the place of the 3 sanctums where Dr. Strange’s allies command. The New York sanctum was highlighted massively in Doctor Strange and even emerged briefly in Thor: Ragnarok movie. The little specifying of the three cities in Black Panther Movie produced followers asking if the Wakandans are further familiarized of the sanctums and also have been having tabs on magic users for years.

Credit: Marvel

So did Killmonger have ideas to use the Wakandan operatives to take charge of the sanctums in Doctor Strange? Although it is likely that the villain had considered ahead before eventually stealing the throne from T’Challa, the notice of Hong Kong, New York, and London may have been a way to prove that Wakandans are always monitoring on the world throughout them. Although, it somehow related Black Panther to the rest of the MCU.

The outcome of Black Panther certainly proved that T’Challa’s people will be major involved with the world in the future. In extension to that, it has been reported that most of the characters who emerged in the film will reappear in Avengers: Infinity War.

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