One Piece Creator Eiichiro Oda Shared Grown-Up Luffy Designs

It is hard to guess what your favorite anime hero looks like all aged up. Most of us may make fun of characters like Ash[Pokemon] for their youth, but it’s comfortable to stay a teen than to become an adult in the manga. The key to a shonen existing a long life comes down to how long-drawn its characters can stay young.

So, it is a good thing that Oda creator of One Piece already teased his take on Monkey D. Luffy as a grown-up.


Luffy may be a regular teenager, but he doesn’t have to stay that way. Oda has a long way to go before One Piece is going to end, so there is no saying whether the manga will end with Luffy grown up and traveling the seas. Still, there is a preference for such an ending, and you only have to see at Oda’s unfinished drafts to find it.

Grown-Up Luffy



Before One Piece was named official, Oda announced a few variants of the story with Shueisha. The first plan is identified as Romance Dawn, and the story’s ending page highlights a grown-up Luffy.

Luffy isn’t shown in full, but he looks very comparable to another character. Luffy is seen resting down on his ship when his crew stated land has been spotted. Grown-up Luffy then raises his straw hat from his face, providing fans a profile shot. Luffy seems to have long hair when it is older, and his facial hair gives him a look similar to Shanks.

Romance Dawn was just a model of the artist’s reality series, but that picture of Luffy was not radicalized in One Piece series. Yes, the Creator did squeeze some things on the boy, but many of him were left to same. So, there’s a solid gamble that Luffy could look like this in One Piece  Story should Oda prefer to grow the Luffy up when One Piece ends.


Do you believe One Piece should finish with Luffy getting aged up?

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