Avengers Infinity War Major Spoilers Leaked – Images Revealed

Credit: Marvel

‘Avengers Infinity War,’ directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, is listed to release in cinemas on May 4.

Infinity War is only some months away from kicking theaters, and fans over Reddit just leaked a major spoiler of Iron Man. The Avengers are going to have their hands full as they stand against Thanos, and we’ll lose some characters in the manner. But is Iron Man going to lose an arm in the battle for the Infinity Stones?

Credit : Marvel

According to Express, a photograph taken of the Infinity War and while the Super Bowl presents what Iron Man looks like with a robotic limb. Stark is revealed lifting his sunglasses with a robotic looking arm. He is also wearing his Iron Man outfit in the photo, so it remains if we just see a new distinct of armor or if actually, Thanos ripped off his arm in the battle.


Credit : Marvel

A new promotional image just flowed on Reddit that highlights Iron Man rocking a new suit. The suit certainly has wings, but it also has a great weapon connected to Iron Man’s right arm, suggesting that Stark may have lost a limb while going against Thanos.

Credit : Marvel Universe

We’ve already seen Thor lose one of his eyes in Thor: Ragnarok, so it’s not totally crazy to assume that Iron Man will also encounter significant physical injury in the movie Infinity War.


Although the images are rather convincing evidence that Stark will lose a limb in the upcoming film.