Sailor Moon: 5 Facts About the Iconic Anime

With her squad of Sailor Soldiers and inspiring wisdom and girl power buzzwords, Sailor Moon, has fought evil and saved the planet on more than one occasion and captivated the hearts of young girls and boys.

She won our hearts, taught us the benefits of exercising and studying, and in the 1990s, she was one of the most influential animated characters for girls and women. 


Sailor Moon Crystal has also been created for adults.  Sailor Moon is one of the 90s’ most iconic cartoon series, but it has plenty of its own mysteries. Here are some that most fans miss out on.

Sailor Moon: 5 Facts About the Iconic Anime
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The Show Was Inspired By the Power Rangers

In 1993, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of Han Saban became immense and were well-embraced. 

The creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, was fascinated by the show’s popularity and wanted to write and draw her own version of an all-female superhero squad. 


The magical girl brand of Takeuchi had an intended audience of young women.

However, the crew was driven by astral bodies, dinosaurs powered Saban’s group of costumed color-coded heroes and in the end, had an audience of mainly boys.

Sailor Pluto Is the Oldest Sailor Scout

She’s totally one of the strongest Sailor Scouts in the show, and one of the reasons is undoubtedly her powers. She is primarily the daughter of Chronos, the Greek god of time, due to her power to regulate time. 


That makes Sailor Pluto the oldest of the series’ Sailor Scouts. What is also very surprising is that she seems to be immortal, but if used at all, stopping time will potentially cost her life. 

Her actual age, despite being immortal, is a huge mystery. Having lived thousands of years ago with the Greek Gods, there is no way of knowing for sure how long she has existed.

Sailor Moon: 5 Facts About the Iconic Anime
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The Tsukino Family Has a Real-World Connection

Sailor Moon has a real-world association. Those are the names that Takeuchi gave to Usagi’s brother and parents. They’re named after her own family, in reality. 

As for the maker herself, there’s a strong connection to the Scouts of the show. Usagi is the one out of all of them whose personality is much more like hers.

Sailor Venus Is Cursed

Sailor Venus, one of the five original Solar System Inner Sailor Scouts, is really the Guardian of Love. It is a tragedy that she is cursed for never really finding the love she is trying to protect. 

She battled a villain named Kaitou Ace in her masked heroine drama. He was vanquished by the Guardian of Love, but in Ace’s last minutes before dying, he cursed her so that she’d never find true love.

Most of the Sailor Scouts Were Affluent

In Tokyo, the Juuban District is a very real location. And it’s a very affluent town. Usagi’s house is in this neighborhood and it says enough when you just look at. 

It’s a two-story home in a place where land is costly and appears really well-made. Her dad is a newspaper photographer, which can be a fairly well-paying job. 

From what seems like a hefty inheritance from the life insurance of her deceased parents, Mako (Sailor Jupiter) is able to survive on her own. 

Not to mention, Ami‘s (Sailor Mercury) mother is a physician and they live in the area as well.

Sailor Moon: 5 Facts About the Iconic Anime
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Though fans of the show know a lot about it and its stars, others know just the basics. Sailor Moon transformed anime as a whole, but there’s a ton that fans may never have known and now know with the information above.