The Promised Neverland Chapter 132 Spoilers, Release Date

The Promised Neverland Chapter 132– This series is just ridiculous at the time, so many details and several things are eventually coming together. I wonder what kind of obstacles Emma and Ray will confront at the seven walls as things won’t be straightforward. While there are going to be advancements with Norman’s war strategy eventually.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 132 Spoilers, Predictions


The Promised Neverland Chapter 132

In a chapter full of uncanny, creepy, and suspenseful moments, Emma’s confidence and optimism shined like a candle. Now, they’re eventually through the gate. I wonder where, exactly, they went? Is it some sort of mirror dimension, or they teleported somewhere else? The Promised Neverland Chapter 132 is going to reveal us what is behind that Gate. We might also see what destiny anticipates Ray and Emma and what will they discover when they open the gate to this unexplored place.

I’m suggesting the Five Regent Houses, and the Queen will be major characters for this arc, but I really can’t think how they’ll interact with the characters. The kid won’t be confronting them head-on, it’ll essentially be Demons Vs Demons. Also, Lewis is an Archduke, a title used in the Holy Roman Empire for the personality whose power is under the Emperor, King, and Queen. Given his rank, I bet he did drink the cursed blood, but not direct from Mujika. Rather, I believe that Lewis even masterminded a move for Mujika & Sonju to fly the purge initiated by Dozza.

I like that we got a glimpse at the Regent House parts during the Goldie Pond arc and the new information we were given and its correlation to that arc. It appears that Peter Ratri has not informed the Queen and Regent House members of what happened at Goldie Pond, so I assume there will be a conflict between them.


That’s pretty awesome that Lewis is the younger brother of the Queen, I do query if the Queen will have a comparable personality as her younger brother or if it will be different. I also do relish how some of these Regent House Demons that were included are also families of the demons from Goldy Pond, and their designs all seem surprisingly great. We will apparently be learning more about the Queen in The Promised Neverland Chapter 132.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 132 release date

TPN Chapter 132 will be officially released on 21st April 2019. You should support Viz Media as there are Official Publishers of TPN Manga.



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