Boruto Chapter 34 Official Spoilers, Release Date

Boruto chapter 34– Chapter 33 was an interesting chapter. It’s not usually that we truly get to see adult Naruto really mad. He had a pretty short detonator when he was younger, but he looks to have mastered how to control his anger as he’s aged. This kind of anger is something that we haven’t noticed much of with Naruto lately. To be clear, his anger is justified. Delta charged all three of his children at once.

I’m very excited to observe what they’re going to do with Kawaki and the recently formed Uzumaki family. How will Boruto and Himawari respond to having a new brother? I’m not certain if the manga is going to really explore that or if that will be dropped for anime to cover. Still, it’s an intriguing thought particularly since Kawaki probably seems a bit safer now that Naruto successfully deflected Delta, who he is clearly frightened of, which will enable him to relax a little and begin communicating more comfortably with people.


Boruto Chapter 34 official spoilers

Boruto Chapter 34
Leaked Boruto Chapter 34 Cover

Now, coming to the spoilers of the forthcoming chapter of Boruto. In this chapter, we’ll see a brand-new arc of the story starts. Also, According to the spoilers, Chapter 34 is moving out to be a remarkable chapter.

Here are the leaked spoilers for the upcoming chapter:


Boruto Chapter 34 Release date


Boruto 34
Credit: Naruto and Boruto

According to Organic Dinosaur, Boruto will release chapter 34 in Weekly Shonen Jump’s issue 21 of the year. The magazine is scheduled to go on deal April 22 in Japan. But, the fans can anticipate the digital scans to be out by 19 April 2019.