The Promised Neverland Chapter 135 Spoilers, Release Date

Personally, I think the initial few pages is what will appear later down the road when Emma and Ray get divided while traveling in the fake shelter. The opening pages are stating that the Demon King separated them and messed with their mind and time – we’ll examine how that’ll appear in Chapter 135. Hopefully, it’s only in Ray’s head and not much time has passed.

I don’t think Ray has truly aged, but in his mind, he may have been roaming for a decade or so. I guess it’s all in his head. I believe they’re both in their own individual Hell. Now, Ray’s is further interesting than Emma’s because Ray has knowledge Emma doesn’t, notably regarding the Demons, Isabella, and Grandma.


The Promised Neverland chapter 135

The Promised Neverland 135
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This chapter was really unbearable and way too short. I think we got too little data on what occurred to Emma and Ray. I don’t believe that Emma died, not because she’s the Protagonist, however it would be “too early”. She didn’t even make it to the Demon King. She’s the one who desires to save the demons and create a new promise with the Demon King.

Can you honestly imagine someone else doing it? Moreover, the Protagonist usually doesn’t get killed and their end is now shown in a flashback. I’m persuaded that they got separated again like in the preceding chapter. And the world they’re in is full of illusions. Maybe Ray got deceived to believe Emma is dead. Maybe his whole display is an illusion. The Promised Neverland Chapter 135 will probably solve all those questions.

The Promised Neverland Chapter 135 Release Date

We’re also getting a break following chapter and I heard the writer isn’t feeling well lately. The Promised Neverland Chapter 135 is going to release on 27th May.