Top 10 Badass ‘Hellsing Ultimate’ Anime Quotes [UPDATED]

There are several memorable badass quotes from the ‘Hellsing Ultimate‘ anime, but which ones reached out to you the most? Let’s list the genuine badass quotes from ‘Hellsing Ultimate‘, These exceptional quotes can be from any figure in the OVA series, whether they are the dominant personality like ‘Alucard’ or even a side character similar to ‘The Major’ or ‘Integra Hellsing’.

Top 10 Badass ‘Hellsing Ultimate’ Anime Quotes

10. “Your voice sounds so pleasant when you’re whimpering in agony.”


– Anderson
Alucard & Anderson

9. “Now, Luke Valentine. It’s time to teach you how a true vampire does battle!”

Vampire Alucard


8. “Yes…excellent! I haven’t had this much pleasure in ages! …What did you tell your name was?”

Hellsing Ultimate anime


7. “SILENCE!! I’m a dog, then you’re dog food.”


6. Here it comes – I can sense it! A powerful river… a river of death! The dead shall dance…and all of Hell shall sing!

-The Major
The Major Hellsing Ultimate

What are the best Hellsing Anime Sayings?

5. “Face it, this place will be our tomb; the villa our gravestone; and our gravekeeper will be that cast metal bi**h Integra. And our tribute? “Here rests the fearsome Wild Geese who beat beaucoup Nazi a** for queen and crumpets.” But they won’t print any of that. Because of you, it’ll say: “Here rest those gutless pu**ies that vanished to pi*s themselves and crying like schoolgirls. Man the f*ck up, bi*ch! You’ll die with courage even if I have to draw you to your damn job! You take the cash because you like it, and you struggle because you like it and now… you’re going to die like a mercenary and like it!”

-Pip Bernadotte
Pip Bernadotte Hellsing Ultimate Anime

4. “How beautiful… Nights like this make me crave a bite to drink. Yes, I couldn’t think more… beautiful evening.”

Police Girl Hellsing Ultimate Anime

3. “There is a simple thing that makes a human a human… and that is their will.”

-The Major

2. “Hold your tongue… the dead don’t talk.”

Alucard Hellsing Ultimate

1.”The Bird of Hermes is my name… eating my wings to make me tame.”


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