Top 15 Classic Hunter X Hunter Quotes

In the intense and sometimes cruel world of Hunter X Hunter, it returns to be practical in order to learn and take things as they are. No one can obtain something as important as individual experience.
Let’s take a peek at few of the most classic Hunter X Hunter quotes, and have our fingers joined that the series is going to come back someday in our life.
Phantom Arc HxH

  1. “When I say it doesn’t hurt me that means I can bear it”- Killua Zoldyck.Angry Killua HxH
  2. “Qualification isn’t something we have to talk about the ones who are not okay with success can go through training until they are” – Gon Freecss
    Gon Freecs
  3. “I don’t fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time” –Kurapika
  4. “ There are deceivers who simply lie when there’s a reason to, and there are deceivers who also lie without the reason” – Biscuit Krueger.
    Killua God Speed Mode
  5. “ If you want to get to understand someone, discover out what causes them angry” – Mito Freecss.
    Killua HxH
  6. “ You should dig the little roads to the fullest. Because that’s where you sure will encounter something much more valuable than what you desire” – Ging Freecss.
    Kurapika and Chrollo
  7. “A beast in human’s clothing understands better than anyone how people want to be treated” – Kurapika.
  8. “I was trying to take the easy way out by running away from everything. No matter the pain, I will keep living, so when I die, I will feel I did the best I could” – Koala.Gon Freecs
  9. “It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash” – Hisoka.
    Hisoka HxH
  10. “Whenever humans encounter the unknown they tend to lose perspective” – Knov.
    Netero HxH
  11. “Even the fastest eye can be fooled” – Gotoh.
    Kurapika Chain Jail
  12. “The only principle is that there are no principles” – Kurapika.
  13. “Human potential for evolution is limitless” – Netero.
  14. “Skill is one thing and caution another” – Geretta.
    Ging Freecs
  15. “An apology is a promise to do things differently next time and to keep the promise” – Ging Freeccs.

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