Ahiru no Sora Episode 13: Training Camp, Release Date

The previous episode, in particular, gives you an idea of how hard is the work of a trainer and the struggle to make things work when the players got a lot of flaws. It’s so good to have a manager that actually understands the game and actively tries to make the team get better. Although we must understand that she’s mostly serving as the coach since the actual coach doesn’t know anything. Ahiru no Sora does something different from other sports anime. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Ahiru no Sora Episode 13 updates.

Ahiru no Sora Episode 13: Training Camp


The thing this episode shows us that the teammates need to have trust in each other. Not that it isn’t an issue but every team has to build it. Nanao says she might have gone too far was very unique and interesting in this episode and they would have let that be the first half of the next episode to go deeper. Hinomaru Sumo did a great job of exploring the manager having a competitive aspect.

Ahiru no Sora 13

The previous episode was likable and it was predictable. Fans liked the moment with Sora and his mother. It is impressive that this show can establish a relationship without the two being in the same room. We all thought that we are going to get a beach episode of having a training camp in Okinawa, but unfortunately, their training camp will be at the school. In Ahiru no Sora Episode 13, Nanao Nao will show why she is qualified to become their coach. The training camp might be the place where the trust strengthens between the team. 


Ahiru no Sora Episode 13 release date is set for Wednesday, 25 December 2019. You can stream this episode on Crunchyroll, FUNimation, & AnimeLab following an hour of the release.