Kingdom Chapter 627: Hou Ken’s End, Ri Boku Retreats

The previous chapter was such a great nerve-racking chapter for us. The conclusion of Hou Ken’s path is going to be quite satisfying. He is a path seeker and the path he chose is that of becoming a Bushin, a martial god. By transcending humanity the entirety of mankind would transcend, that is his philosophy and end goal. Hou Ken may have been wrong in his quest for godhood but he’s still the man who achieved human martial perfection. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more Kingdom Chapter 627 updates.

Kingdom Chapter 627: Hou Ken’s End

Shin will probably get an explosive burst of strength at the last moment before taking Hou Ken down and using his own lifeforce reserves, entering a near-death, making him useless for the remaining war and allowing Ri Boku to retreat. Hou Ken struggled against many of his opponents but ultimately they did die, so one thing obvious is that Shin needs one thing more to defeat him. Honestly, this fight needs to end in Kingdom Chapter 627 because it’s getting repetitive. Shin getting in and out of consciousness, two of them going blow for blow, we’ve seen it all.


Moreover, Riboku’s commentary is getting really distasteful. For someone who speaks of Hou Ken’s contradictions, Riboku is contradicting himself. One chapter Hou Ken represents all of mankind. Yet this chapter he States a man cannot be more than himself. We understand that Ri Boku is waiting for a reversal of the situation with Shin’s death.

Kingdom 627
Hou Ken

Shin has to do something that sets him different from Duke Hyou and Ouki. After all, those two lost to Hou Ken. Imagine Hou Ken and Shin in a stalemate with their glaive, but Shin slowly pushes down because he has a better grip compared to Hou Ken who has some missing fingers. Hara is planning on going out with a bang before the holiday break, Kingdom Chapter 627 is going to be a fabulous chapter to end the year.


Release Date-

Chapter 627 of the manga is going to officially release on 26th December.