Attack on Titan Chapter 116 Spoilers, Official Release Date

Attack on Titan chapter 116 spoilers and release date- Chapter 115 is previously out and It was an amazing chapter, it actually went over my expectations! We got to see what happened to both Levi and Zeke, the move from the warriors and also the meeting between Zeke and Eren. Now, Let’s break down and speculate the events of Attack on Titan chapter 116.

Attack on Titan Chapter 116 Release Date

Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 116 will release next month in the Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, which will be expected to be out on 9 April 2019.


Attack on Titan chapter 116 Spoilers, Prediction

Attack on titan 116
Credit: Attack On Titan Pieck

I did not expect Zeke to be so honest about his plan with Eren, and for sure Eren isn’t complying with Zeke at all. Eren, who has always believed that there’s nothing wrong about being born, talking about being born was a mistake was definitely a ruse to manipulate him.


Zeke is a sad little nihilistic person who felt betrayed by everyone. He thinks death is the only salvation to be found in his miserable existence and he’s so broken that he wants to kill others as a form of kindness. He was manipulated and used by Grisha and he despises him for it. In Zeke’s mind, the only people who understand him are Xavier and Eren. So Let’s wait and see how things might unfold in Attack on Titan chapter 116.

I really don’t think Levi is dead, mainly because Floch made a big deal out of checking Levi’s pulse and immediately got interrupted by a Titan. The fact that Floch insisted on checking his pulse and the fact that Hange jumped in the river and escaped with him is a pretty good indicator that he’s still hanging on. We have to wait for Attack on Titan chapter 116 in order to know what truly happened to Levi.

Attack on titan chapter 116
Credit: Levi Attack on Titan

Moreover, We finally found out a bit more about the path, I wonder if that girl will serve an important role in the upcoming chapters. Hopefully, we’ll get to see that mysterious girl in Attack on Titan chapter 116.

At this point, we can safely assume that Pieck’s intelligence is on the same level as Zeke so I wonder how this will turn out for Eren. Then again Eren may have been fooling Zeke as well so that puts him at the apex of the predator chart. So it’s plausible that the Attack on Titan chapter 116 is going to be more exciting that could answer a few of the questions.

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