One Piece Chapter 939- Kyoshiro and Denjiro Mystery

If you’re waiting for One Piece chapter 939, it’s sad to say that this chapter is not getting this week. As said in Chapter 938, Oda is taking a one week break, which shows we will be getting Chapter 939 next week.

One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers, Prediction

One Piece Chapter 938 is out and my favorite part of this chapter was Law arguing with Shinobu about his crew. So many excellent facial drawings by Oda really sending the sensations of frustration, anger, and doubt.


I love how Oda truly showed that the alliance can’t just do anything they desire and simply go unpunished, now the alliance is going to have trust arguments as we witness them arguing with each other for their simplicity, especially those who originate from the Wano.

It’s great to see Law so forcefully defending his crew even against other allies. We don’t actually get to observe any of the dynamics between Law and his crew. After observing him screaming and glaring at Shinobu shows how much he admires his crew. I believe Tonoyasu being involved in the rebellion is the most exciting part of the chapter for me. Let’s consider how things reveal in One Piece Chapter 939.

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I think it’s been obliquely confirmed that Kyoshiro is Denjiro in the latest chapter. Kamazou came along the last chapter, matching the silhouette Eiichiro Oda gave us of Denjiro, but Zoro immediately struck him down, and I don’t hold it’s likely that Oda would grow up the character just for Zoro to quickly kill him.

We know that Kyoshiro had support in watching over Komurasaki, and after it was unveiled that she’s Hiyori, it makes thought to entrust Oden’s daughter to one of the Nine Red Scabbards.
Extending this, Kyoshiro would transform his appearance in order to mix into Wano society, being able to raise Hyori while having a keen eye over the country without being suspect. Moreover,
I’m hoping Oda will reveal how O-Toko got shifted from Robin to Hiyori in One Piece chapter 939.



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Komurasaki’s funeral is tomorrow and I wonder if that’s where Oda will want to take this action to a close. Will Oda instantly go to the next day in One Piece chapter 939 or are we going bounce back to Luffy in next chapter. The thing I am most interested in is how Luffy’s sumo matches are going. 

One Piece Chapter 939 Release Date

As stated in Chapter 938, Author is taking a one week break, which means we will be receiving One Piece Chapter 939 on April 15, 2019. Let’s see how things open in the next chapter.


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