Big Mom and Kaido formed an alliance in the latest One Piece chapter

One Piece latest chapter confirmed that Big Mom and Kaido allied. Oda foreshadowed this alliance during the reverie arc, where Big Mom proposed this alliance to deal with Luffy. She also reminds Kaido about the favor she owes him. Honestly, Luffy and co need more force to balance them out maybe the support of Shanks pirate crew and Marco. That said though, We can see Big Mom losing her memory again otherwise why bring Big Mom to Wano and let her go through that silly phase where she lost her memory for a small period.

Big Mom and Kaido formed an alliance

Everyone was talking about how the side of Luffy is too strong and Oda should do something to balance them out. However, the latest chapter not only confirmed that alliance of two powerful Yonko but also included the “Numbers” of the Kaido pirates. Now, Things are starting to get hopeless for Luffy and co.


Big Mom and Kaido Alliance
Credit: Sandman twitter

This alliance looks unstoppable for Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai, The World Government or any other pirate crew doesn’t have much strength to stand in the way of Kaido and Big Mom. Maybe this alliance will fall apart because of a clash between the personality of both the Yonko.

Marine finally has a purpose to enter the Wano country. The Revolutionary Army is also declaring a war against the World Government. So, they have to deal with Kaido-Big Mom alliance and the Revolutionary Army. We should be looking forward to the reaction of Shanks and Blackbeard on this news. 


How Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai will beat these monsters? I wonder if the Marines do show up and if they do will they bring the new weapon created by Vegapunk? Wano war is supposed to make Marineford war look cute, so I can’t wait to see it.

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