One Piece 954 official release date, spoilers, Who is Denjiro?

Chapter 953 was a great chapter, We learned why Gyukimaru collects weapons and he can transform into a fox. The flashback of Kawamatsu and how he dealt when he lost Hiyori, left us speechless. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more update on One Piece 954.


In the previous chapter, Hiyori offered Roronoa Zoro “Enma” a Meito grade blade in exchange for Shusui. A legendary sword that gave Kaido his only scar. I think if Roronoa Zoro leaves Shusui to the people of Wano, it would show a great character development because he treasures Shusui very dearly and is willing to give it up. Shusui is more than a regular sword for the people of Wano. For this Hiyori is willing to give his father’s sword to Zoro. However, the question is, Will Zoro take the legendary sword “Enma”? or He’ll refuse to take this sword stating it belongs to the Kozuki heir, Momonosuke.

One Piece 954: Who is Denjiro?

One Piece chapter 954
Shimotsuki Clan One Piece

Now, we know for the past 20 years what Ashura and Kawamatsu have been doing. In Chapter 954, we might learn about the whereabouts of Denjiro and his identity.


Act 2 is around the corner now, since manga completed almost all the plot points which were established for this Act. The only left plot points are freeing the captive samurai in Rasetsu, also finding Denjiro and the Witching House Boy. We probably will see the completion of all the left plot points in One Piece chapter 954. Act 2 has been running for more than 30 chapters which are simply twice the size of Act 1.

The advance haki skills of Oden was too powerful, because of that, he was able to give that scar to Kaido. Not because that Enma is some special sword. Kin’emon is the only one who is capable of cutting fire with his blade that indicates that there are some sword techniques exists allowing the user to cut anything. Throughout this whole Act 2, Oda is telling us about the advance haki. This will allow Luffy to grow stronger and face Kaido, similar to how Oden faced the Beast pirate’s captain and wounded him. 


One Piece Chapter 954 release date

There is no break next week means One Piece 954 will release on 2 September. However, the raw scans for the chapter will be out 2-3 before the official release.


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