Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 Official Spoilers, Synopsis, Release Date

Dragon Ball Heroes’ promotional series has started a brand new arc following the destruction of the Prison Planet, and it makes the multiverse into a large new war as a strange group of villains invades. So Now, Let’s break down & predict the events of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8.

Note: The article preceding holds Official spoilers and Synopsis so proceed at your own will.


Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 Official Synopsis, Spoilers

DBH episode 8
Neo Machines

DBH Episode 8 is named, “Invasion of the Ultimate, Worst Warriors! Universe 6 Demolished!” & the summary is, “Trunks & co confront an ascending battle next to Neo Machines’ devastating combination attacks. In the midst of the fight, the Core Area warrior Hearts arrives and shares his shocking plan.”

The “Neo Machines,” Oren and Kamin, have organised tactics and skilful moves. With their instantaneous healing powers, they seemed to be untouchable.


Dragon Ball Heroes 8
Dragon ball Heroes Episode 8 Synopsis


We certainly didn’t get much news about the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 but now their official website is refreshed a lot of brand-new information. According to them DBH episode 8, will be released in delayed February. A specific date isn’t given yet we have a lot of various information about this episode. Based on the data we collected, it seems that we are going to see a huge battle take place in the forthcoming episode.


With the title & synopsis of DBH Episode 8 teasing not only the introduction of a much stronger opponent as the fight proceeds, but the “Universe 6 Demolished” surely paints a terrifying view of what’s to befall. Apparently even with Vegeta & Trunks arriving to help Universe 6 at the edge of the episode, the problem does not ease up for them.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 Release Date

The Universal Conflict arc is precisely slated to proceed with Episode 8, which is now listed to release in late February 2019.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Review

Do you play Fortnite?

We were presented to new foes and familiar faces, such as HitCabbaCaulifla, and Kale from Universe 6. We discovered that the “Neo Machine” twins, OrenKamin, are very skilled people who have the capacity to recover health immediately.

At the edge of episode 7, both Vegeta and Trunks interrupted and are ready to confront the Neo Machines.

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