Fortnite Trios LTM is now available again

Fortnite launched a new Trios LTM on Monday that will permit players to squad up in pairs of three and fight it out for the obscure Victory. Trios, an LTM that allows you team up in a party of 3 players as exposed to the traditional 2 or 4-player groups, is once again open in Fortnite.

Fortnite Trios LTM is now available again

The Trios LTM was formally released at the end of January, however, it was so popular that Epic Games was immediately demanded to deliver it back as Epic Games showed in its tweet.

Trios LTM was continued during Season 7 Week 9, which added new challenges to go along with the announcement of the Snowfall skin for the season. The Snowfall skin, now recognized as The Prisoner, challenges players to perform all the tasks in 9 whole weeks.

There is no support on how long the playlist will be open for, but probably an LTM test might indicate at an unchanging trios playlist in the future.

Are you eager to try out the new Fortnite Trios LTM or will you be holding with all of the other Fortnite modes that are currently open for us to experience?

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