My Hero Academia Chapter 218 spoilers, release date

Note: This article contains possible spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 218.

My Hero Academia chapter 217 was a remarkably awesome chapter. We got some more conclusion in regards to Midoriya’s quirk, and we also got to observe more reactions to it with Bakugou and Todoroki. Also, I really like the way they finished this arc with Eri and Deku both vowing to do their best. Now, let’s break down and speculate how things may unfold in My Hero Academia Chapter 218.


My Hero Academia Chapter 218 spoilers, expectations


My hero academia chapter 218
Midoriya Black Whip Source: Jaminibox

It’s nice to learn about Monoma’s quirk and it’s very exciting how it mixes with One For All. Also, I like the interactions within Tetsu Tetsu and Kirishima, they are excellent, same for Todoroki and Midoriya, I want to observe their friendship evolve even more. It looks like everyone desires to accomplish something after this arc.

In My Hero Academia chapter 218, either Aizawa or Monoma is probably going to question what Midoriya is saving and how he transforms that into energy, and how that defines the new black whips. I really want Aizawa to face Midoriya about his insane Quirk that makes no sense so he can discover the mystery of One for All.

Fans can’t wait for Aizawa to have his individual little arc. Clearly, he doesn’t want to speak about it due to something that occurred in the past. Maybe we’ll be able to observe all the teachers when they were students & how UA was back then. Also thrilled about Todoroki reaching out to his father because he wants to learn more techniques and this interaction will apparently happen in My Hero Academia chapter 218.


Boku no Hero Academia chapter 218
My Hero Academia Chapter 218 Break
Source: Jaminibox

Sadly, There is a break next week so My Hero Academia chapter 218 is going to release on 25th February, however,  the scans will be out 2-3 prior to the official release date. I’m glad that Horikoshi can rest a bit though I’m suspecting this break is mostly due to setting up preparation for the upcoming arc and its arrangement.

Izuku Midoriya’s new ability
Midoriya New Ability Black Whip


Midoriya Black Whip Source: dnzozgr Deviantart

A few chapters ago Deku unlocked a new Quirk, Black Whip, which enables him to create sticky black appendages from his hands. He also got a sight from one of the previous AFO users which Black Whip basically belonged to. Apparently, AFO brings forward the former users’ individual Quirks too, so Midoriya will ultimately have 6 additional Quirks besides the necessary stockpile ability.

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