Apex Legends Mirage all abilities explained

Apex Legends is full of exciting characters with their individual freakish abilities and characters that place them apart. Each character is filled for a specific playstyle and Mirage is best suited for the ones who love to mislead their enemies.

Mirage is the sort of person who wants to stand out. The youngest of 4 brothers, he developed the art of tricking around to get recognition. The one thing he considered sincerely was Holo-Pilot technology: added to the illusion-creating tech by his mother, he flooded over the mechanisms and studied all he could around them. Even when his siblings went MIA throughout the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother remained to improve holo devices, and this work brought them closer.

Apex Legends Mirage all abilities explained

Apex Legends Mirage
Mirage Apex Legends

Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

Send out a holographic camouflage which will move forward, to blend and scout the opponent. Act as you are speeding and force your opponents to fire while your teammates go and hit their sides.

Passive Ability: Encore

Automatically release a decoy and cover for five seconds when beaten down. This passive skill grants Mirage to keep himself protected while hit by automatically releasing a decoy to distract foes, and covering him for a limited time.

Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act

Mirage Apex Legends Abilities
Mirage: Vanishing Ability

Deploy a team of tricks to distract opponents while you cloak. The technique cloaks the real Mirage and extends a number of decoys, distracting the enemy and giving himself time to decide the following step. This can be an excellent late-game strategy, as it improves survivability while supporting you to carefully call out plays.

Apex Legends Mirage’s skills and abilities let you fool enemies and move in and out of the fight. Make use of the distraction and utilize it to set-up team kills. Mirage has the techniques to use various forms of holographic diversions to get the fall on his opponents.



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