Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Official Spoilers

Are you eager for another Dragon Ball anime? While Toei Animation is solid at the job on the DBS movie, Bandai Namco Entertainment has different series in place. Following month, Dragon Ball Heroes will hit an anime, moreover, a summary for Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 has gone live.

Afresh on Super DBH’ website, followers can learn the official synopsis. The initial episode, which arrives on July 1, will serve a popular non-canon action highlighting two Gokus.


Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1, Goku Vs Goku

Dragon Ball Heroes Official Trailor

The website for Carddass’ Super DBH: Universe Mission card play started streaming a trailer on 21st June for the game’s promotional anime plan.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Official Spoilers


Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Trailer

Super Saiyan Goku Vs. Super Saiyan Blue Goku?!
An ultimate battle opens on the unknown “Prison Planet”!

Future Trunks arrives from the future for his training with Son Goku and Vegeta. However, he suddenly disappears. The strange man’ “Fu” abruptly emerges, informing them that Future Trunks has been barred up on the “Prison Planet, a strange facility in an unfamiliar location connecting universes.

Dragon Ball Heroes villain


Goku and co. quests for the Dragon Balls to release Trunks, though an everlasting super fight awaits them! Will Son Goku and the others succeed to protect Trunks and leave from the Prison Planet?. Fu is the offspring of Towa and Mira and the relative of Dabura. 

Vegito Blue will also rise.

Future Trunks will further be connected in this anime.

Present Goku overcomes the Super Saiyan 4 Goku at the end. Hence, it proves that Super Saiyan Blue is powerful than Super Saiyan 4. A corrupt Saiyan ‘Kaanba or Cumber’ will also surface.

Dragon Ball Heroes

There will be a part of a Son Goku from another dimension as Super Saiyan 4 also a strange evil Saiyan on the Prison Planet.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Release Date

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 Release Date is 1st July 2018. Episode 2 will arrive on 16th July. Show Timing will be 11:30 AM according to Japan Time.

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