One Piece 931 Official Release Date, Can we expect Sanji Vs Page One?

One Piece 931: Events unfolding in the One Piece universe right about now have rendered everyone at the edge of their seats. The upcoming chapter will focus on Big Mom arriving in the Wano country. But what will happen after that? And what is her real goal? To know more about this, keep reading the following post. But before that, let me warn you. The article holds major spoilers for upcoming One Piece chapter so read at your own will. Now that’s out of the way, let us get our head into speculating the events of the One Piece chapter 931.

One Piece 931 Release Date

Speaking of the release date of One Piece Chapter 931, it will be released on 4th February and the scans will be out by 1st February.

One Piece manga 931
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Previous Chapter Summary

As far as One Piece Chapter 930 is concerned, it really landed on the spot with our expectations from it. It was simply awesome. In the previous chapter, we witnessed Roronoa Zoa in the laughing town with is highly ironic because well, he never laughs. Also, the details that Oda has been revealing for a couple of chapters are just mind-blowing. And then King’s devil fruit was revealed. I mean wow!! It is called the Wildfire and it is an Ancient Zoan Type Dinosaur Model: Pteranodon.

One main event that happened in this chapter was that Big Mom’s ship was pushed off of a waterfall by King and now she is drowning. But do we really think it will be enough to be the cause of her demise? No!! On the other hand, Sanji is getting ready to fight Page One. he is looking forward to using his Raid Suit to conceal his identity.


One Piece 931 Spoilers and Expectations

Now coming to the spoilers of chapter 931. In the upcoming chapter, we will first get to see what will happen to Big Mom. either she will end up washing at some random seashore or she will be saved by Perospero or Prometheus. Perospero will make use of his candy slug to save Big Mom. On the other side, we will get to see what Luffy’s plans are to escape the prison. 

One Piece 931
One Piece Manga

There is a lot going on right now, so many fights and so many schemes to keep track of. As King pushed Big Mom’s ship off a waterfall, he will have to deal with the circumstances. It might be the case that Big Mom will take revenge by bringing more of her ships and Katakuri might be on one of them. Side by side, Sanji is getting ready to fight One Page.



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In One Piece Chapter 931, we will most possibly see Sanji fighting Page One. I really want Sanji to wear raid suit even though he refused to ever wear it and tried to throw it away, he’s still sensible enough to quickly make up his thought about using it. I have been anticipating for Sanji to get a proper 1 on 1 fight and I thought Whole Cake Island was his moment, but it seems like Oda was saving it for something special. We have to remain for One Piece 931 to see if Sanji in raid suit is either going to look cool or Germa provided him a goofy style as an insult.

Op chapter 931
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I think he will take One Page out on just one shot because Law instructed him to never step into a battle until you know for sure that you are going to win. As Sanji already has big plans for his future, in terms of fights, he will finish this fight in a matter of seconds. Oda won’t injure him much and he will be good to go for his upcoming major fights. So it is up to the release of the One Piece 931 to see what will actually unfold.

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