Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 298 Release Date, Expectation

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 298 will be released on 28th Jan 2019 on its official timing. Let’s examine how things unfold in the next chapter.

The previous chapter is titled “The Salvation of the Sun” was the 297th chapter of the Nanatsu no Taizai.


Original Demon’s Death Drive exploded Escanor away from the fight and is protected by Mael, meeting with the Seven Deadly Sins who are nearing Camelot at full speed. Escanor recognizes his body is no longer able to endure the power of Sunshine and gives it back to Mael in order to preserve the ones he cares about. As Mael’s appearance completely frees the dark skies, Now, we will witness Mael confront Zeldris in Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298.

Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 298 Expectation


Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 298

In the earlier chapter, Sinner himself affirmed that his body is decaying as a penalty for merging again. Presumably, that’s Demon King’s idea of stopping him from accomplishing that. So, it isn’t because he’s weak. At first, I thought that Sinner was sort of poor and underwhelming but now it kind of makes sense; he is insane. He was taking all that misery because it makes him powerful. Now, Let’s see how things unveil in the Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298.



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Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 298: Mael Vs Zeldris

It is the time for Mael to prove the comment made by Gowther for being a rivalry for Meliodas 3000 years ago. Mael’s Light is mightier than True Night, but Mael himself told his light wasn’t able to cut through Prime Meliodas darkness in the special chapter. This indicates that Prime Meliodas can manage darkness mightier than Chandler’s true night.

Seven Deadly Sins 298

Zeldris’ smile at the conclusion of the chapter was pretty cool, it seems like he is not affected a lot by Mael, maybe the 2 will fight but unmistakably, ‘The angel of death’ will have the upper hand upon the ‘Executioner’. Also, Zeldris appears to have gained lots of injury during this battle so he may be fatigued physically and may not be able to fight for much longer. He is most presumably going to lose in the next few chapters and the Original Demon is going to fade away and there’s going to be the circumstances where Meliodas comes out of the cocoon and he will be challenging the Taizais and Angels.


Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 298
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I think the Sinner will surely do something in Seven Deadly Sins chapter 298 because he’s been rather underwhelming so far.

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