One Punch Man season 3 release date, Studio details

Based on the manga series by ONE and Murata, the One Punch Man anime has had popularity with both Japanese and Western fans and recently covered up its 2nd season. Where One Punch Man’s first season centered on building the core characters of Saitama, Genos and the Heroes Association, OPM season 2 went towards a more conventional story structure, setting Orochi as an overarching villain. No official notification has been made concerning One Punch Man Season 3, but pending the fame of the show, we’d be astounded if the series didn’t recover for a third season.

One Punch Man season 3 release date

OPM Season 3 release date
One-Punch Man

Right after the season finale, a curious remark has been published on the official Twitter account of the anime, where the anime creators have said that literally “the 2nd round is ended, yet One-Punch is not done, we will do our best to present the anime again!”


A tweet on the official One Punch Man account established that a 3rd season was being prepared, but there lives no evidence of a release date. Many fans were frustrated by the almost four-year delay between OnePunch Man Season 1 and season 2, but the break is unlikely to be as great this time around as the important season 2 stop was caused by a total overhaul in animation staff and a change in the studio. If the current animation team remain in position for One Punch Man season 3, then fans may be able to hopefully wish for a release in the late half of 2020.

Examining the potential behind the scenes adjustments as well as the point that OPM is based on a Webcomic, it’s hard to predict a Season 3 release date. We did encounter a One Punch Man Season 3 countdown clock that shows May 12, 2020, as the premiere date, however, that appears a little positive to us. Based on prior trends, we believe a 2021 release date is more suitable. In any case, the more sensible period for the future premiere is the following spring. Hence, in the best-case scenario, we should assume One Punch Man Season 3 in April 2020, given the modern schedule of the anime series. In the most unfortunate, the break might last for years.


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