‘One Piece’ Reveals Big Mom’s Tremendous Haki

After Monkey D. Luffy smashing Vinsmoke Sanji and Charlotte Pudding’s wedding, We all have been anticipating for Yonko Big Mom to blast on One Piece. The WCI has given the anime lots of cool flashes, but Big Mom’s newest display of strength unquestionably is on top of that list.
Soul King Vs Soul Queen

When Luffy is, fortunately, able to show Big Mom the broken photo of Mother Carmel, This female Yonko directed all of her madness and let out an exaggerated showing of her Conqueror’s Haki with a yowl.
Big Mom Rage Mode


Capone Bege earlier explained that section of his idea was to get Yonko Big Mom to yell out in succession for her Conqueror’s Haki to beat most of her family members. This would then give her weak also exposed to attack, and the gas missile Caesar formed.
Big Mom Terrifying Haki

We got to observe the plan in action as Luffy was able to avoid Katakuri and Oven in status to show Big Mom the picture. Following Big Mom closes down and attempts to even put it together, she totally loses it and her Haki certainly simply knocks people unconscious. This also links up the Vinsmokes so Sanji could cut them from their candy chains.
Big Mom Vs Luffy

As the following episode will jump into Big Mom’s history and explain why the photo of Mother Carmel is so valuable to her, and we will notice how that balances into her Haki outbreaks. It’s only one of the several reasons she’s such fearsome too, as her strength is tremendous when she is out of command.


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