Top 5 Most Unique Devil Fruits Exist In One Piece

Devil Fruits are located everywhere the world of One Piece that, when ingested, give the eater with exceptional abilities, depending on the nature and variation of the DF itself. Few of the DFs in One Piece are yet further bizarre than the usual Devil Fruits that are observed in the World. In this list, I will be discussing those unique Devil Fruits which are described Special or given an unusual title.


5. Goro Goro no Mi

Goro Goro no Mi is one of the most powerful Devil Fruits in the One Piece, it enables its user to create and manipulate lightning itself. The owner of this DF can travel at the speed of Lightning.
It was stated by Robin to be individual of the fruits with the status of being “invincible”.

4. Yami Yami no Mi


The Yami Yami no Mi is a Logia-class Devil Fruit that grants the user to generate and control darkness at command, making the owner a Darkness Human.
This fruit is viewed “unique” yet as a Logia-class, and the powers it gives is supposed to be the “most evil”.
Yami Yami no Mi provides his Devil Fruit user to cancel any Devil Fruit’s abilities.

3. Gura Gura no Mi

It is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit which permits the consumer to generate vibrations presenting the owner as a Tremor Human.
This DF is reputed to be capable of destroying the world and is viewed to be the strongest DF within the Paramecia DF’s, having abilities no lower than those of a Logia class.
The previous wielder of this Devil Fruit was late Yonko, Whitebeard and it was next eaten by Teach at Marineford.


2. Ope Ope no Mi

Ope Ope no Mi permits its user to design “ROOM” in which he can manage and cut nearly anything. Also, the user can further teleport to any spot as long as it is inside the Room.
It was consumed by Trafalgar D. Law, who was force-fed it by Cora San.

Further, this Devil fruit is named the ultimate DF because it can be applied with the weaponry that is in the Mariejois. This was said by Doflamingo when he revealed the strength of this Devil Fruit.
The owner of Ope Ope no Mi is capable of performing a surgery which gives immortality to anybody.

1. Tama Tama no Mi

The Tama Tama no Mi is an unknown Devil Fruit that changes the user’s body structure into that of an egg, which if broken open will cause the owner to restore into a powerful body that highlights more and more chicken-like characteristics each time. It is consumed by Tamago.

The Devil Fruit is said to be unusual as it has the features of all three Devil Fruit kinds. It enables its user to regenerate their build. When he is destroyed in any of his stages, he then converts into an egg yolk which gives him the characteristics of a Logia DF and it also changes the consumer’s body into an animal.