One Piece Manga Chapter 900 Spoilers/Speculations

One Piece Chapter 900 is just nearby the edge. While the official spoilers for the chapter 900 aren’t out, this article may have possible spoilers, so there’s continuously a chance of getting across a spoiler.

Chapter 899 was a pretty fast-paced chapter, with various stuff occurring at once, at the very fast-paced and Sanji eventually arrived on the Sunny, and Chopper saw after Luffy’s injuries. Smoothie’s fleet engaged the Thousand Sunny, but was stopped by Vinsmoke Judge. On the other hand, Daifuku charged as well, but he was held in his attempts by Sanji alone.


Hence, Big Mom reached Puffs Island, and Bege left the cake there. Stussy and Morgan’s made a flight in the last chapter. We didn’t get to witness what occurred to the Vinsmokes in the last chapter, and that’s primarily all that passed. OP Chapter 900 is going to be a tremendous one. With the manga properly hitting 900 chapters, I believe One Piece creator surely has something enormous planned for this chapter. Before anything issues, I really think that Big Mom will definitely eat the cake in Chapter 900. We have remained for about 30+ chapters for this to occur, and I sense like it has to pass sooner or later.

On the other, the Vinsmoke family haven’t been observed in the last chapter. So there’s a possibility we’ll observe them in the forthcoming chapter. I believe Daifuku will unmistakably continue his attacks on Sunny, and Sanji will have to continue blocking them. I don’t deem there is continuing to be an all-out battle between Sanji and Daifuku, but I suspect a few more trades. Besides, we don’t understand how Big Mom is going to respond after having the cake. I positively want to see her back in complete power, but she will surely not fight the Strawhats. We’ll observe her do something irregular, and I clearly think that Big Mom and the Strawhats won’t be opponents when the arc finishes.