41-Year Old Fortnite Player Arrested For Grooming Children

A 41-year-old Fortnite player arrested for using Fortnite to start the sexual activity with children. According to police, an accomplice managed Fortnite’s voice chat to engage children & introduce them to Mr. Thomas.

41-Year Old Fortnite Player Arrested
Anthony Thomas

Anthony Thomas of Broward County, applied Fortnite game to get familiar to his victim, ultimately involving in sexual activity with the insignificant and demanding graphic images and videos.


Deputies responded Thomas used a 23-year-old woman, whom he met when she was 16 years old & was having sex with, to talk with the 17-year-old victim & work on “normalizing” the wrong.

“You are similar to the bigger sister I always wanted. My sister did nothing simply bully and pick on me,” the teenage girl recorded in a message to the woman October 8. “She never was nice, just like 1 percent of the time she was.”


Do you play Fortnite?
Do you play Fortnite?


The law enforcement community worldwide has informed that there are pedophiles lurking among the millions of Fortnite gamers. Sgt. Thomas McInerney stated he is worried because a lot of parents aren’t informed that sexual predators are now utilizing the gaming platforms.

Police believe there could be up to Twenty further victims.


“This case is troubling not only because it includes child pornography, but additionally because a famous online game was used to interact with the victim,” stated Florida attorney general Moody in a comment.

Moody talked her cares concerning the “disturbing” Florida incident in a statement: “Parents must know that predators will use any medians possible to target and misuse a child. I am requesting parents and guardians to please make certain you know who your children meet online, and speak to them on sexual predators.”

Moody is urging anyone with knowledge about the hiring of minors for child pornography, or any other kind of sexual exploitation, to reach law enforcement quickly. Deputies are also requesting anyone with knowledge about Thomas’ incident to call Joo at 954-888-5241.

It’s currently uncertain whether police have discovered or have any leads on Thomas’ assistant. It appears like they haven’t.

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Fortnite Player Arrested for grooming children