PS5 (PlayStation 5) New Details Leaked, News, Release Date

Sony is now being tight-lipped about specific plans for the PS5. However, a product code for the latest AMD custom silicon designed for Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been leaked online.

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The key specs that have got out of the decoding of the alphanumeric sequence (2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9) display a CPU part with eight physical cores, a 3.2GHz boost clock for the chip, & a PCI-ID that gives a Navi 10Lite GPU. There is obviously also evidence that the SoC will utilize AMD’s Zen architecture, but not exactly which generation of the processor configuration Sony will end up with.



PlayStation 5 Specs, News, Price And Release Date



With TSMC establishing that its 7nm design can grant 25% extra performance at the similar power, the PS5 operating including a higher clockspeed.

There is some thought that the ‘10’ in display of the ‘13E9’ GPU ID could link to the clockspeed of the chip, setting it at 1GHz. Associated with the graphics silicon in the PlayStation4 Pro, operating at 911MHz, that would put the 7nm Navi GPU a decent bit faster in frequency terms.


PS5 Specs


The PS5 will be applying a discrete GPU as people from Sony have reported in the past. If the report here is correct, we are examining only the logical part of the design where Navi10 is part of an integrated custom APU to work Physics and Ray-Tracing, this would tell the 1GHz Clock. A dedicated GPU with at least 48NCUs would enable the system to perform the 1.5GHz by visiting within 300w of consumption.

Sony hasn’t truly said an official thing concerning a new console. The PS4 remains not only to be the prevailing best-selling console on the business but one of the biggest sellers in history, so it does sense to not announce a replacement yet.


PS5 New Details Leaked
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PlayStation 5 Specs, News, Price, And Release Date
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