Apex Legends Bangalore abilities explained

Apex Legends’ Bangalore is a Legend that’s been created for battle, and will surely satisfy players who are looking for a moderately casual FPS character. Apex Legends characters & classes are, unlike its battle royale equivalents, a notable middle part of the game. There are 8 classes in-game at the start, with six already opened and the extra two that you’ll require to unlock in-game, either by acquiring the in-game money or spending for it with real cash.

She is possibly the simplest character to learn in Apex Legends. If you have ever played any FPS games before, you will get her abilities rather easily.



Apex Legends Bangalore
Apex Legends

Apex Legends’ Bangalore has 3 Special Abilities that give her different from the rest of the characters. She is an extraordinary fighter and most of her skills focus on destroying the opponent alone.

Bangalore special abilities explained

1. Tactical Ability


Initiate this ability and you’ll fire off a great-velocity smoke canister which pops into a smoke wall on contact. It is primarily a Smoke Grenade Launcher.

2. Passive Ability

Bangalore’s passive ability guarantees that if she takes any injury while running, she’ll get a proper speed boost momentarily. Her Double Time passive is really helpful to have, supporting you to avoid extra damage that much faster; and you can synergize this with a great times Smoke Launcher fired to instantly flank an enemy or flee from a tough situation.


3. Ultimate Ability

Here it is, the greatest ability in Bangalore’s stockpile ‘Rolling Thunder’. When she initiates her Ultimate Ability, Bangalore is able to command in an artillery strike that will destroy anything in its way.

Bangalore is your regular soldier class with a few tricks up her sleeve. Her Passive ability is an extended dash speed under fire, while her Tactical ability is smoke canisters that can stop tracking opponents. But if her smoke bombs can’t hinder a swift enemy assault, Bangalore’s Ultimate ability is an airstrike that can simply push back the attack.

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