Kingdom Chapter 601 Spoilers, Release Date

If you’re waiting for Kingdom chapter 601, it’s sorry to tell that this chapter is not getting this week. Kingdom manga won’t be out the following week. Which means we will be getting Chapter 601 on May 29. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for newest updates.

Kingdom Chapter 600 Summary

It looks like the 15th day will be mind-boggling. Houken on the battlefield, Gyou’un taking the field despite his crippled arm, Ousen launching an attack, Shin fighting Houken or Gyou’un or someone else knowing that his unit will attack Riboku’s army on the flank, Mouten without his gramps, Ouhon looking recovered and looking like he’ll also use the field. Furthermore, Shin locating out that Houken is there.


After seeing what occurred in this chapter, I will admit, the parts at the start with Hou Ken attacking & Ko Zen death by him were alright for the most part. Plus, I was pretty sure that Hou Ken went after the Qin of his free will and I’m glad to see I was right about that. Also, It was kind of good to see Ouhon back on his toes.

Kingdom Chapter 601 Spoilers


The only logical thing for Hara to redeem Ouhon’s and make him worthy is the head of Gyou’un. When CGR died, Qin soldiers previously considered the right wing in their favor not because Bananji isn’t a good General but plotwise his head is apparently worth the same as Gakuei, so Ouhon killing him is all great but just hardly passable. So, It appears we will be seeing a rematch between Gyou’un and Ouhon in Kingdom chapter 601.


A part of me desires to Shin to fight Gyou’un following all the built up last few chapters, but I wouldn’t say it would be the illegal move if Hara chooses to go with Ouhon here.

In the end, it would depend on performance, if Hara can achieve to make it impressive and present as these three, Mouten, Ouhon and Shin, as the agreed ones of the next generation, it would rather be a hard choice. Plus Ouhon is still yet to make himself big successes, especially since it’s his dad managing the charge.

Kingdom 601
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Most of the fans are thrilled to see what’s going to appear in Chapter 601. Most of them are questioning if they are going to see Ouhon in action in this chapter. However, with the extended release of Kingdom manga 601, We will have to remain for one more week to observe what is going to happen.

Kingdom chapter 601 Release Date

Chapter 601 of Kingdom manga will not be coming out next week. However, fans will be able to read the next chapter on May 29.