One Piece Chapter 941 Spoilers, Prediction, Release Date

One Piece Chapter 941: Chapter 940 revealed that Big Mom and Chopper eventually arrived at Udon, I’ve been really thrilled to see how things will go down with Big Mom and Queen. I’m loving how the plot is getting together more and more, with how the prison will provide Luffy allies for the rebellion.

Note: This article contains possible spoilers for One Piece Chapter 941.


It seems like every arc everyone gets so concerned about all the loose ends, But for me, the best part of One Piece has always been the methods Author seems to tie them up so well. I’m excited to see what amazing climax we head towards this arc, and how it develops the crew going forward. The series has hyped this arc so much over the time, I just want it to live up to the expectations.

One Piece Chapter 941 predictions

One Piece 941
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I hope One Piece chapter 941 will concentrate on Udon prison. If Big Mom arrives at the prison, Luffy’s about to have an insane amount of underlings when he manages this prison break. It looks like Luffy’s big escape is going to fall soon. That is except something goes wrong like Big Mom recovering her memory or Queen and the prison team moving Luffy to another location.

Luffy’s second prison adventure arc now got a little bit bigger too, with that map of the entire jail system. And even more useful for the alliance, most of the prisoners are there for attempting to rebel against Orochi. We all know where this is going, though it’ll still be an exciting journey seeing how Luffy and the prison group will go about inspiring the rebellion. The following couple of chapters are apparently going to parallel the Impel Down arc with more prisoners released to accompany the war effort.


I see many people predicting Big Mom vs Queen but I suspect that will happen. Why introduce an exciting character just for him to be taken out by a character who is not one of the protagonists? This arc could have gone without adding Queen and him getting beaten by Big Mom just fine.

Some fans over Reddit believe that One Piece chapter 941 is probably going to be about the 4 Yakuza bosses, Now Big mom arriving into the stage, I guess she and Chopper still need time to discover Luffy prison place which indicates we still don’t see her breaking Luffy out of the prison next chapter. Also, most likely the competition resumes tomorrow when the fight is going to occur. Queen need Kaido as Back up or he going get beaten. With this Udon chaos, Law can save his crew without being concerned about Kaido.

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Also, Sanji didn’t go with Trafalgar Law, that part is a bit unexpected, we could have observed Sanji and Law combo challenging those Ninja. But I imagine Oda is really trying for a separate way for Heart Pirates and Sanji going with him, wouldn’t accomplish that.

Trafalgar D. Law will presumably end up meeting with Kidd and they have to work collectively to get back their crews. This makes the prisoners with Bepo to side with them and they have a little army of their own while Luffy finds the allies from prison.

We also know a few things regarding the traitor:

Traitor knew how to get to Zou, also knew Raizo was there and knew he was alive. This suggests it could be one of the Minks, which is still likely. It could be Raizo, but I really don’t see that. But it could also be someone with some kind of contact with Raizo and someone with a Vivre card.

We also know that Shinobu’s superior, Fukurokujo, changed loyalties from Oden to Orochi. At this point, Shinobu gave his tutelage and joined Oden. We also have Shinobu attempting to place the blame on Law’s subordinates, telling they broke. Not necessarily uncommon in its own right, but it wouldn’t be shocking that a traitor would take the first chance to define someone else as the traitor.

One Piece Chapter 941 Release Date

Chapter 941 of One Piece is going to release on April 26. You should support Viz Media as there are Official Publishers of OP Manga.

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