One Piece Chapter 955 official release date, spoilers

Chapter 954 is out and fans are completely shocked by how much stuff happened in this single chapter. Kaido and Big Mom allied to rule all over the world. This war in Onigashima is going to be much bigger and epic compare to Marineford. Also, the story is moving too fast starting this chapter, we moved 3 days in a single chapter and that’s just amazing. That being said, we must be hyped for the next act of this arc since Wano has been so refreshing till now. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on One Piece Chapter 955.

One Piece Chapter 955 predictions

Not only for Luffy and his alliance, but Big Mom and Kaido alliance is also a big threat for the whole world. After hearing this news the World Government won’t be quite. Oda has been giving us amazing chapters from the start of this manga but this arc itself is insane. We can expect many possibilities on how this arc will proceed; Shanks might come to Wano to stop this war, Rox captain might make a resurgence, even Garp could sail to Wano to help Luffy fighting against this alliance.

One Piece 955
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This coming war against Kaido’s army is getting exciting with each passing chapter. Before this chapter, Kaido’s army looked an easy deal with only having the Flying Six, Yonko Commanders, Orochi’s army and the Headliners. However, both sides looked equal after the addition of the “Numbers”, but this alliance with Big Mom created an impossible task to overcome for Strawhats.

Chapter 954 also revealed that Oden was a man with 2 sword fighting style. The name of both swords are Enma and Ame-no-Habakiri and these swords now belong to Momonosuke and Hiyori. In Japanese mythology, Ame-no-Habakiri is the sword used by Susanoo to defeat the Yamata no Orochi. Suggesting whoever holds this sword gets to defeat the Shogun.

One Piece Chapter 955: Ryuma’s Grave

According to Kawamatsu, Zoro isn’t worthy of the blade Enma. This is a setup by Oda to blow them all away by revealing who Zoro is and what is his backstory. One Piece chapter 955 will probably show Zoro visiting the Ryuma’s grave. For some reason, I’m predicting Zoro will either get in trouble there or Oda will reveal the backstory of Ryuma and how Zoro is connected to Shimotsuki clan.


Regarding the alliance of both Yonko, Cipher Pol-0 will notify the Marine. They had a meeting with Orochi concerning a weapon deal. As we saw during the Reverie, Fleet admiral Sakazuki also wanted to prevent Big Mom from talking to Kaido. This alliance is a big deal for World Government to ignore, even Morgan might find this news from Stussy.

In a recent interview, Oda talked about the great incident mentioned in the Dressrosa arc. This great incident will involve the Strawhat grand fleet and it’s happening soon in Wano. Luffy’s vivre card might be the way to bring the Grand Fleet in Wano.

One Piece chapter 955 might reveal the mystery behind the Numbers of Beast pirates. Fans are speculating over Reddit that Numbers have something to do with Kaido’s race.


When the author said Wano war would make the Marineford war look cute, back then he wasn’t joking around. Eiichiro Oda scared us with the reveal of “Numbers” and the alliance of Kaido and Big Mom. This is simply one of the craziest things we’ve seen so far in this manga. One Piece chapter 955 might conclude the Act 2 of this arc and it possibly will reveal about the Fire Festival.

One Piece chapter 955 official release date

Chapter 955 of One Piece is on a break next week. So, the next manga chapter will officially release on 16 September.


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