Toram Online Beginner’s Guide [UPDATED 2019]

Toram Online Departure From Iruna is an Anime Style Open World MMORPG by Asobimo. The game launched in 2015 and has over thousands of players today.



Toram Online Beginner’s Guide in 2019

If you are new to Toram online then you can follow this guide till level 50 and a little above. The first thing to be careful about in this game is not to waste your stat and skill points. As you level up you receive stat points and skill points which you can use for leveling up stats and skills.

Toram Online Departure

Toram Online
This is a class-free game. You can buy skills of any class and use them with compatible weapons. For example, while creating your character if you have chosen sword as your weapon, you can use blade skills as well as magic skills on it. If you chose a sword while creating a character, you will already have the Blade Skills Tree. Later you can buy any other Skill Trees from Lilulu at the Library in Sofya City.


Toram game
As I said before, not to waste your stat and skill points. In the beginning, it might feel like you will have enough points to level up as many stats and skills you want but as you make progress you will experience lack of enough stat and skill points. This is a mistake many newbies make. So you should carefully select the stats and skills you want to level up.

Now I’ll tell you some stat builds according to main weapons that you can make use of. Of course, you can invent your build too.
There are 6 stats into the total. STR (Strength), INT (Intelligence), VIT (Vitality), AGI (Agility), DEX (Dexterity) and Personal Stat. Personal Stat is a stat you can select when you reach level 40. You can select between CRT (Critical), LUK (Luck), MTL (Mental) and TEC (Technique).

Toram Online Beginner’s Guide
STR increases your physical attack strength. INT increases your magic attack strength. VIT increases your HP and Defense. AGI increases your attack speed. DEX increases physical attack and cast speed a little. CRT increases critical rate. LUK increases drop rate. MTL increases resistance against status ailments. And lastly, TEC increases the success rate for production.
The increase in stats also depends on the main weapon so the ones I have mentioned in the basics.


If Sword is your main weapon, get maximum stat points in STR (Strength) and the remaining points in DEX (Dexterity).

Toram Online Guide
If your main weapon is a staff or Magic Device, put maximum stat points in INT (Intelligence) and remaining points in DEX (Dexterity).

Anime Style Open World MMORPG
Your main weapon is Halberd, put maximum stat points in STR (Strength) and remaining points in AGI (Agility).

Skill Trees from Lilulu
Your main weapon is Bow or Bow-gun, put maximum stat points in DEX (Dexterity) and remaining points in STR (Strength). You can also consider putting some points in CRT (Critical).

Skills Tree
If your main weapon is Katana, put maximum points in STR (Strength) and remaining in DEX (Dexterity). Or visa-Versa, you can put maximum points in DEX (Dexterity) and remaining in STR (Strength).

Skills Tree Toram
If your main weapon is Knuckles, put maximum points in AGI (Agility) and remaining in DEX (Dexterity). You can also consider putting some points in STR (Strength).

Personal Stat toram
Similarly while leveling up skills, only level up the skills you need and don’t waste points.

Now let’s talk about leveling. Completing the Main Quest can be the best option for leveling as it gives a lot of Experience. You can easily reach level 120 by completing the main quest. Once you complete the main quest till ‘Chapter 3: The Ancient Empress’, you can take a quest named ‘Pride Of The Rich’ from Lefina in Sofya City.


LUK (Luck) toram

For this quest in Toram, you will have to collect a stack of Nightmare Crystals which can be farmed from Nightmare Roar in Ancient Empress Tomb: Deepest Part.

currency in the game
Spina is the name of the currency in the game. As a beginner the best way for earning Spina is farming Minotaur Skins at Ruined Temple: Forbidden Hall from Boss Minotaur.

Minotaur Skins
A stack of Minotaur Skins sells for 150,000 spinas or more on Consignment Board.Sofya City for quest
If for some reason Minotaur Skins aren’t sold, you can submit them to Lefina in Sofya City for quest named ‘Proof Of Courage’.

Consignment Board

That will give you Anti-Degradation which can be sold for 500,000 spins or more per stack on Consignment Board.

Another way for earning Spinas you can try is farming event items and selling them at the end of the event.

That’s it, I hope this will be useful as a Beginner’s for Toram Online.

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