[UPDATE] One Piece Chapter 968 Raw Scans, Oden’s Return

In this article, we will discuss the spoilers, raw scans, and release date of ‘One Piece’ Chapter 968, which is set to release on January 19th. Before that, let’s talk about the manga’s previous installment. Chapter 967 felt like one of the greatest chapters in the series. We always knew Gold Roger was going to be great, but the last two chapters have made him one of the most distinguished characters in the series.

Roger displayed a similar kind of childishness as Luffy, combined with the meticulous planning of Teach. Honestly, we never expected Roger to become one of the most beloved characters after only two chapters with him. This chapter shows that he truly had the greatest adventure of all time.


One Piece Chapter 968 Raw Scans and Leaks

The title of this upcoming One Piece chapter is ‘Oden’s Return‘ which signifies that this manga installment will cover the return of Oden to Wano. However, according to leaks, we’ll also get a small conversation between Pirate King and his right-hand man, Silvers Rayleigh. Roger will tell Rayleigh that we are too early, In return, Rayleigh says with wonder that who will find the ‘One Piece‘ after them. Roger says, “My son, of course!” on which Rayleigh states that he doesn’t have a son. Roger tells him with humor that it is not that late.

We only received the leaks of a single panel from One Piece Chapter 968. When we do receive the remaining Raw and Scans we will further update this post for your convenience.


One Piece Chapter 968 raw scans
Reddit user Brikskohuh posted this panel along with the English translation.

What can we expect from ‘One Piece’ Chapter 968?

This chapter makes it look like whatever One Piece leads one to do. It needs at least Poseidon, possibly all three Ancient Weapons in order to endeavor. If right, they were too early as in there was no Poseidon active until a decade after Roger would surrender to the disease. The upcoming chapter might show us the farewell of Oden to Roger Pirates.

The flashback of Oden is nearly over and is expected to last a maximum of three more chapters. In ‘One Piece’ Chapter 968, Oden will bid farewell to the Roger Pirates and return to a devastated Wano Country. In Chapter 969, Oden will likely confront Kaido and his forces, potentially ending with a face-off between Oden and Kaido. The final flashback chapter, ‘One Piece’ Chapter 970, will probably show Oden being killed by Kaido, with Kin’emon and the others being sent to the future.


Oda will bring us back to Wano to conclude this flashback with an inevitable end. Some fans believe that One Piece Chapter 968 will also show how Orochi joined forces with Kaido to take over Wano.

When is the release date of One Piece Chapter 968?

Unfortunately, there is a break next week, So One Piece chapter 968 is scheduled to release on Sunday, 19 January 2020. It was mentioned earlier that the only reason we received the previous chapter so quickly is because it was leaked over a week in advance. If that doesn’t happen this time, we will likely get the chapter on January 17th at the earliest.


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Some information we learned in the previous chapter worth sharing.

What is in Laugh Tale?

Many things are confirmed to be in Laugh Tale: the story of the Void Century, Joyboy’s connection with One Piece, information on the Ancient Weapons, the significance of Wano, and the purpose behind the “D.” This chapter makes the complete series so much more wholesome.

What is the main difference between the Strawhat Pirates and Roger Pirates?

Rayleigh has spent the past 20 years observing the world with this information in mind. He’s had time to reflect and may realize that they were mistaken about some aspects of it. Especially now that we know their issue wasn’t a lack of someone who could truly read them. Roger could hear the voices of the poneglyphs, and Oden could understand them. But still, they were not scholars. They likely knew the details but didn’t grasp the connection or hidden meaning within.

Now, the Straw Hat Pirates have that person. The one who becomes one of the most significant threats for the World Government. The one who can understand poneglyphs and the history, Nico Robin.

One Piece 968
Gol D. Roger

Why Gol D. Roger surrendered himself to be executed?

He wanted someone else to reach ‘Laugh Tale’ and complete what he couldn’t achieve before his death. By being executed, he attracted significant attention and inspired many people to complete that mission. It was similar to what Yasuie did to boost the morale of Wano’s citizens.

Why Shanks and Buggy never reached the Laugh Tale?

Buggy got sick and couldn’t get to ‘Laugh Tale’ and Shanks stayed behind with him. Thus, neither of them has focused on obtaining the One Piece. The extent of their knowledge remains a topic of debate. Do they know where One Piece is, but not what it is? Or perhaps it’s exactly because they know what it is. The two don’t seem particularly eager to acquire it for themselves.

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