Boruto chapter 38 Official Title, Release Date, Prediction

It was a fantastic chapter, Sasuke sure gave Naruto some Helping hand. The mystery surrounding Jigen and Karma just makes reading the manga even more interesting. Because of this, I just started to like Boruto manga more compared to Naruto.  Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on Boruto Chapter 38.

Boruto Chapter 38 predictions

The battle feels similar to how they handled Obito’s Kamui, without Sharingan, they can’t see him. Jigen ability to get away from them feels similar to Obito’s immateriality which was a lot of trouble for them. Sasuke figured out the ability of Jigen. Sasuke’s analytical skills combined with Naruto’s power could beat Jigen this time or force him to retreat.



Boruto chapter 38
Jigen and Kaguya

Also, Jigen doesn’t even want to fight Naruto, not that he is generous, But He doesn’t want to waste his energy on Naruto. He is completely confident and thinks that he can easily defeat Naruto. Even with Sasuke, Naruto seems to have much trouble fighting Jigen who is fighting without using his full power.

In Chapter 38 of Boruto, Naruto will figure out why he can’t sense Jigen otherwise It’s a plot hole for us not to get an answer. Naruto can’t simply count on Sasuke to explain everything to him. He should start figuring out the situation without the help of Sasuke. Naruto looked rusty in this battle whereas Sasuke seemed pretty sharp. They both need to utilize the full power of their abilities to face Jigen.


United Front

The title for Boruto chapter 38 is “United Front”, and In the next chapter, either Sasuke will teleport himself and Naruto back to Konoha. Or possibly Boruto will get teleported to Sasuke and Naruto. In any case, this is going to be an epic battle! If Boruto teleports to them that would be cool, and we might even see a new ability or perhaps learn more about Jougan.

In addition to the above prediction, Sarada and Kawaki haven’t interacted much means they will possibly get some time to bond in Chapter 38. However, Kawaki is very fragile and can easily be provoked by anyone whereas Sarada is always direct. So the question is, how will they react to each other?


Fans want to know who Jigen truly is, Is he an Otsutsuki or some other race of alien? The author might answer this question in the coming chapters of Boruto.

Boruto Chapter 38 release date

Chapter 38 of Boruto manga will officially release on September 20th. You can read it on the viz website and Manga+ app when the following chapter is out. 

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