Boruto Chapter 39: Kage Meeting, Isshiki Otsutsuki, and Timeskip

Chapter 38 was awesome and we are really glad about the conclusion of this chapter. It gave the series a sense of danger real and Boruto series is going to start becoming dark. Jigen is a god and he is talked by Kawaki and Kashin Koji multiple times. The whole vessel situation ties together so well and makes the opening scene much better. This chapter reveals the true strength of Jigen, and how much of a threat he is for the future. This is Boruto’s story, and we’d love to see him train and grow strong with Sasuke. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest Boruto Chapter 39 updates.

Kage Meeting in the Next Chapter

Kage meeting might be held in Boruto Chapter 39 to discuss serious action to deal with this new threat, Boruto and Kawaki might be put under huge surveillance due to their important status. Boruto series has a time-skip coming soon, Boruto will leave Konoha with Sasuke and maybe Kashin Koji if it turns out he is Jiraiya.


Boruto Chapter 39 Predictions, Spoiler

For now, we might be anticipating Sasuke to train Boruto during the years within the time-skip and to see more battles against other inner Kara members. Sasuke might start to seriously look after Boruto to protect him from Kara; the two of them are going to bond over it. Boruto is the only one they have if he knows how to harness his powers. Sasuke will train him, he is a Doujutsu user along with the Intel from Kashin Koji on the weakness of Isshiki.

Chapter 39 is going to focus on the crushing defeat of Naruto and Sasuke. We will get to see everyone’s reactions to Naruto being sealed away. He will still be sealed away well following the time-skip and it is going to be the central plot point after time-skip. It’s very unlikely he dies in the seal unless someone goes out of their way to eliminate him. Remember, if one has Hashirama cells, they don’t require food or water to survive.

Who is Isshiki Otsutsuki? Boruto Chapter 39


Boruto manga 39
Naruto and Isshiki Otsutsuki

Not only is Jigen actually just Isshiki Otsutsuki but he’s not even at full power, which is why he wants Kawaki. This confirms that Momoshiki is alive and that he left Karma with the intention of taking over Boruto’s body. Some fans over Reddit mentioned that Momoshiki and Isshiki are not allies. We can’t wait to view what will appear next in the series.

Karma seems to be a dangerous threat to the host, and Otsutsukis are not certainly the co-operative type, so Boruto will have to struggle Momoshiki over the control of his own will. Karma might be pretty similar to Orochimaru’s curse mark, and it has been said that it is also similar to the seal Tsunade and Sakura have to store their chakra, so the old generation is apparently going to play a more important role in figuring out a way to stop Kara.

Boruto Chapter 39 release date

The next chapter of Boruto manga is going to release on 20th October.



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