One Piece Chapter 959: What Happened to the Alliance?

One Piece Chapter 959: Chapter 958 is eventually out and believe me this chapter was worth every second of the wait! With all the hype from the last few chapters, I feel content with this Chapter even though it was smaller and quieter in comparison.

Chapter 959 release date

If you’re waiting for One Piece chapter 959, it’s sad to report that this chapter is not getting this week. As stated in Chapter 958, Oda is taking a one week break, which means we will be getting Chapter 959 on 21st October. The scans will be out 2-3 days prior to the official release date.


One Piece Chapter 959: What Happened to the Alliance?

The last chapter was so great at setting the emotionally gloomy and depressing tone of Act 3. Oda is exceptional at conveying his character’s sentiments through the art he draws. We all felt Kin’emon’s despair as he yelled into the snail, craving for anything that would tell him what befell on his allies. The beginning scene with the Roger Pirates also combines gravity to the situation because not only do you see the amount of Oden’s faith in his retainers but the crew’s trust in Oden himself. Kin’emon isn’t only languishing a failing plan, it’s over 25 years of striving to achieve one person’s dream.


One Piece chapter 959
Oden Kozuki

Fans want to know what happened to the alliance. Some of the fans predicted that Trafalgar Law saved the alliance rebellion, but some type of sacrifice was required in this “incident”, perhaps the prepared ships. After being released by most likely Drake from the prison. He took steps to examine if there was a traitor amongst them since he was himself accused and most expected he found something unusual.


The ending page of the last chapter of Act 2 made it seem like Trafalgar Law was eavesdropping on Orochi so he apparently knew that he was going to make a progress and came up with a solution. Maybe he made it seem like the rebellion was wiped out to deceive Orochi into thinking he is safe.

Caribou might be the solution to this problem. He can hide everything inside him, he had mentioned it in the past. We believe that he hid the alliance inside his body with the help of his Devil Fruit. In One Piece chapter 959, we will find out what happened to the alliance. Whatever befell on the alliance because of Orochi, is about to come back and hurt him in the face somehow. We already knew the plan wasn’t going to perform as anticipated.

Oden’s appearance in One Piece Chapter 959


One Piece 959
Kin’emon and Oden

Also, isn’t it sort of strange that Oda conceals Oden just like Admiral Ryokugyu? I am not stating they are the same person, it’s just odd.

So, Fans are seeking what significance Oden’s appearance has, Oda must be covering something. Have we witnessed him before? Does he look similar to someone else probably confirming some connection with that character? Does he have some sort of special tattoo or something? Probably Oda will answer these mysteries in One Piece chapter 959.

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